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GITEX 2013, DUBAI: The Power to grow Nigeria’s FDI 

June 12, 2013 - Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in Dubai, October 20 - 24, 2013, promises to attract a superlative global audience in the knowledge economy by establishing a Nigerian Pavilion with assurance of improving the FDI Index of the Federal Government. 

Pinnacle International Consulting of Iowa, USA is working strategically with the Dubai World Trade Centre DWTC, to expose Nigerian Companies to the international business community by creating a Nigerian Pavilion at the GITEX Technology Week, 2013 

The 5 day event will give participants the opportunity of networking with 25,000+ C-level executives from key progressing industries and becoming part of game changing ICT trends such as Big Data, Cloud Security, Financial Technology, and digital Strategies. 

Two key opportunities Nigerian companies should be taking advantage of are:

  • The ConneXions matchmaking portal, and
  • The CEO Majilis lounge program

GITEX is already considered as the Middle East, Africa and South Asia's MAESA  largest and most specialized ICT Event which now occupies over 78,000 sq metre of space, and saw InfoCOM and ITU collocate with Pinnacle on 2013. 

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Specific features of GITEX 2013 include Big Data Conference, Cloud Awards, Financial Technology Conference, and Student Labs. 

World’s oldest man died this morning 

June 12, 2013 - Jiroemon Kimura, world's oldest person and the oldest man ever to have lived died this morning in his native Kyoto Kyotango city in Japan. He was 116 years old and died of 'natural causes'. 

Oldman Kimura was diagnosed of pneumonia and had been hospitalized since May.

Kimura was recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living person in December 2012, after a woman from the United States died at the age of 115.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a pre-recorded video greeting to Kimura when he celebrated 116 years last April. 

He had 7 children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grand children and 15 great-great grandchildren.

...and Nigeria's old entertainer too

In Nigeria, one of the country's oldest highlife musicians Mr Fatai 'Rolling Dollar' Olagunju died this morning at the age of 86 years.


President Jonathan charges self with Local Satellite Launch Agenda 

June 11, 2013 - A National Space Council has been established to make policy for Space Research and Development for Nigeria. It is a 13 member Council headed by President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo as Vice Chairman.  

At its inauguration in Abuja today, President Jonathan charged the Council to work towards an early realisation of Nigeria's desire to design, manufacture, launch and manage its own satellites. 

Specifically he admonished himself and his members that 'We must evolve clear cut initiatives that will not only fast track our industrialization process but one that will also see us within the shortest possible period to be able to build our own motor vehicles, our own boats and our own aircrafts and of course launch our own satellite manufactured in Nigeria, from a launch site in Nigeria on a launch vehicle made in Nigeria. This is a challenge not only to the members of the Council but to all Nigerians, we should dedicate ourselves to building a better technologically advanced stable and prosperous Nigeria for our children'. 

Membership is made of serving Ministers of Science and Technology, Communication Technology, Education, Defense, Interior, National Planning, National Security Adviser and 3 Professors: Vincent Olunloyo, Fransisca Okeke, and Elijah Mshelia. The Director General of National Space Research and Development Agency, NASRDA, is also a member.

Nigerian Youths, Technology and the Future.

Kenneth Omeruo 

June 11, 2013 - In this digital age, the backbone of every economy is hinged on Technology with entrepreneurship driving the growth of the entire system. We see Technology powering every facet of human endeavor, enabling effective governance, empowering security, driving economic and social changes. No nation especially the developing countries can afford to neglect the importance of technology if they want to be relevant in future.

Going by the projections from Gartner, Information Technology spending will nearly hit $4 trillion threshold by the end of this year and then Software spending will be $158 billion in 2016.The positive economic indexes coming from Nigeria as an emerging market, we are certainly a centre of global attraction. The most unfortunate thing is we are yet to realize some of these inherent potentials as to take rightful position to benefit from them, this is our greatest undoing!

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Apple's iTunes Radio, iOS7, come upstream 

June 11, 2013 - Among the many products that apple displayed at the on-going WWDC 2013 (Worldwide Developers Conference) is a music streaming service it calls iTunes Radio. It is the major revision of iPhone which debuted in 2007. The accompanying software suite, iOS7, from which iTunes Radio comes is free supported by ads across many devices including iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV. 

It is basically a free internet radio service featuring more than 200 stations and a catalogue of music from the iTunes Store, combined with the features of iTunes.

Other products showcased at the conference include OSX Mavericks, MacPro, Macbook Air and others. 


Hillary Clinton commences tweeting

June 11, 2013 - Hillary Clinton self-styled Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD...started twitting yesterday and that is for real.

First tweet : Thanks for the inspiration @ASmith83 & @Sllambe - I'll take it from here...




Marilyn Cade to speak at AfICTa Summit in Lagos

June 10, 2013 - Ms Marilyn Cade, President ICT Strategies, USA and leading Internet users and business defender in ICANN and around the world is scheduled to speak at AfICTS 2013 on Wednesday June 26, 2013 at the Digital Bridge Institute, Oshodi, Lagos. She would be leading the ICANN Business Constituency Outreach to Internet users and business leaders whose businesses depend on secure, stable and resilient Internet. 

Marilyn Cade is the Principal and CEO of ICT Strategies, mCADE, llc- a consulting service providing strategy and advice in Internet governance, Internet policy, ICANN matters, cyber security; global IP networking services and policy issues affecting the world. Cade has a unique focus on policy activities that promote economic growth and sustainability, and that bridge dialogues on emerging issues in Internet and online services. She is an expert in several policy areas related to Internet, online commerce, and emerging applications including cyber security, Internet Intermediary accountability, and online safety issues. She brings a unique perspective that has helped bridge the interests of global corporations with developing and emerging economies. Cade works at the nexus of information and communications technology (ICT) and global public policy in global forums in relation to the Internet and its changing role as a critical communications infrastructure. 

She was formerly the chair of the business constituency at ICANN. Most recently she has been named as one of five business representatives to the United Nation's CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation.  Cade has extensive expertise in multi-lateral organizations such as the ITU, OECD, APEC, and ICANN. She was a member of the ITU Secretary General's High Level Expert Group on Cyber Security (HLEG). Prior to launching ICT Strategies mCADEllc, she led Internet policy and ecommerce policy for AT&T, where she helped to found and lead numerous industry coalitions and initiatives, ranging from ecommerce, copyright and trademark, cyber crime, child safety online, and Internet governance. Earlier, she had a ten year career in management in state government and non-governmental organizations.

Ms. Cade holds a B.S. in Sociology, Southwest Missouri State College/University of Missouri; a M.S. W [Organizational Development], St. Louis University, Missouri and has done additional graduate level course work in organizational development. Her background includes extensive experience in professional development and professional training".  

For FREE registration for this Workshop and for more information on AfICTS, please visit


Yahoo makes categorical denial on PRISM

June 9, 2013 - Yahoo Inc said yesterday that it is completely false that it shares user data with anybody least of all, US Government. 

A post titled 'Setting the Record Straight' and signed by Ron Bell Yahoo's General Counsel said 'Yahoo! has not joined any program in which we volunteer to share user data with the U.S. government.  We do not voluntarily disclose user information.  The only disclosures that occur are in response to specific demands.  And, when the government does request user data from Yahoo!, we protect our users.  We demand that such requests be made through lawful means and for lawful purposes.  We fight any requests that we deem unclear, improper, overbroad, or unlawful.  We carefully scrutinize each request, respond only when required to do so, and provide the least amount of data possible consistent with the law.   

The notion that Yahoo! gives any federal agency vast or unfettered access to our users' records is categorically false.  Of the hundreds of millions of users we serve, an infinitesimal percentage will ever be the subject of a government data collection directive.  Where a request for data is received, we require the government to identify in each instance specific users and a specific lawful purpose for which their information is requested.  Then, and only then, do our employees evaluate the request and legal requirements in order to respond-or deny-the request'.

PRISM is a secret US government program that gives the NSA unprecedented access to the servers of major tech companies so that the agency can spy on unwitting US citizens with terrifying granularity which is both different from and more aggressive than the Verizon scandal and has the full (but contested) cooperation of tech giants and which is, shockingly enough, totally legal.

Google and Facebook have since made similar denial since the news broke last Thursday.

So much literature has been made on the subject and a lot more is expected in the coming days.


FG pledges full implementation of the
Broadband Plan 2013 - 2018 recommendations

June 7, 2013 - The Federal Government may have taken firm decisions based on credible data regarding the immediate and future of broadband internet expansion, going by the highpoints and depth of a broadband plan 2013 to 2018 announced last week by Mrs Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communication Technology and endorsed by President Jonathan. 

It came in the form of submission of the report of a 17-member Committee work which Government commissioned last September to produce a broadband strategy and roadmap on how Nigeria would achieve the targets and aspirations of her Broadband policy objectives.  

Core industry analysts say it is inspiring that President Goodluck Jonathan, while receiving the report, pledged to fully implement the recommendations. If he does that much, there is prospect that he takes Nigeria out of the woods considering, especially, that the recommendations also specifically envisage concomitant solution to the challenge of 'clean grid electricity supply', among others. It is significant that by his pledge to implement the recommendations fully, the President instantly turned the report into a working document of Government. 

The report gives the Nigerian perspective definition of broadband which it says is an internet experience where the user can access the most demanding content in real time at a minimum speed of 1.5 Mbit/s. revisable to keep in line with future developments in technology. 

Government says it will complete the merger of the relevant regulatory bodies in order to ensure a single and consistent regulatory regime that will bring about better efficiency in the management of scarce resources. 

The plan comes very strong and decisive about the immediate future milestones when it says it is intended during the next five years to see more than a fivefold increase in internet and broadband penetration figures. It is also intended that all state capitals and urban cities have metro fibre infrastructure installed. On a national scale, it is the intention of government to facilitate full rollout by operating companies of 3G networks as a minimum on all base stations by 2015. 

Other specific issues which constitute the kernel of the roadmap generate from addressing specific challenges of investment and funding, taxation, right of way, local content, security of infrastructure, and spectrum allocation. 

Government intends to make strategic investments, incentivise rollout of fibre infrastructure and to also motivate state governments to do so. It will establish a Broadband Council to provide periodic evaluation of progress, facilitate coordination and collaboration, and highlight areas of program adjustment to permit the realisation of new and emerging opportunities. The Council shall be the forum for relevant agencies to discuss and fine-tune implementation strategies, assign responsibility for joint duties, share best practices and coordinate broadband funding so that government's spending on broadband has maximum economies of scale and maximum impact. 

A high-point of the roadmap document is its prescription for specific implementation milestones and timelines which the Broadband Council will monitor.  

A bulk of the milestones is scheduled for immediate implementation and what happens between now and December 2014 will be a measure of the President's interpretation of FULL IMPLEMENTATION.


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Study Report sees progress, gaps and untapped opportunities in Africa 

June 6, 2013 - 'Among other countries in Africa, Nigeria shows the greatest potential in using the Internet to promote good governance, eCommerce and finance, though these sectors have not yet produced solutions that have spread across the region. The Cashless Nigeria Initiative aims to boost eCommerce and has been fairly successful in Lagos with plans to rollout to other states. In governance, the electoral commission and citizen sector have teamed up to create multiple elections monitoring platforms based on SMS aggregation. 

The Ministry of Communication Technology is playing an increasingly active role. In August 2012, it revised the national ICT policy and is considering incentives to drive the private sector to expand access to less-profitable rural areas. Consumer protection policies, however, are needed to further innovation and customer acquisition in mMoney and eCommerce'. 

These are the findings of the report of a study on impact of internet in Africa conducted by Dalberg under Google's commission. It records reasonable progress in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal which are the countries where the study deliberately pitched its focus. It says that policymakers must continue to balance the challenge of enabling market conditions, catalysing the provision of equitable service delivery, protecting privacy and championing social, economic and job creation impacts that the Internet can help achieve. 

It specifically admonishes Policymakers in Africa to work further to prioritise convergence across sectors and the broader enabling environment so that the Internet can continue to serve as stimulant for growth and rapid development. 

It identifies challenges such developing appropriate policies and investment plans to promote growth and innovation whilst appropriately protecting consumers, and Keeping pace with the new requirements of digital information and the set of industries that emerge to take advantage of new opportunities. It also includes managing digital inclusion to ensure that the Internet is not only made available across geographic and demographic boundaries but that Internet content also creates channels for socially and economically beneficial services.


Dr Richard Lamb, Internet Security Expert
to Speak at AfICTS 2013 

June 4, 2013 - The lead architect of the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Dr Richard Lamb is set to speak at AfICTA ICT Summit (AfICTS), June 26-28, 2013 in Lagos.  

He is also to facilitate free specialized workshops on securing your presence on the Internet to prevent domain name hijacking and cache poisoning. DNSSEC uses advanced cryptographic techniques to verify that data received from Domain Name System has not been tampered with. 

Dr Lamb has over 25 years of Internet experience as engineer, entrepreneur, and policy expert. Prior to this he was Director of Global IT policy at the US Department of State where he focused on helping policy makers understand technology across a wide range of agencies and issues. Before this he founded a number of small networking startups based on his inventions, the last haven been acquired by Microsoft. His years in the networking field have included implementation and commercialization of a wide range of communication protocols (UUCP, MEP2, BiSYNC, SDLC, X.25, DECNET, Q.921/931, H.323, IPX, TCP/IP).  

For FREE registration for this Workshop and for more information on AfICTS, please visit  


Final weeks to enter ITU Telecom World 2013
Young Innovators' Competition

30 June deadline approaching for submission of technological solutions to development challenges.

Only four weeks remain for young social technopreneurs from around the world to submit applications to the ITU Telecom World 2013 Young Innovators' Competition and win up to USD 10,000 in seed funding. The deadline is 30 June 2013.

The third edition of the annual Young Innovators' Competition seeks innovative ICT-based solutions to six Global Challenges. It is open to any young person between the ages of 18 and 26 with an original concept or start-up with the potential to impact the world and improve people's lives through the use of connected technologies (ICTs).

Submissions must address one of the following Global Challenges:

- Improve employment opportunities for young people and migrant workers
-  Reduce food and water wastage at individual and retail levels
-  Facilitate access to public services for the elderly
-  Improve natural disaster prediction and response
-  Improve road safety for both drivers and pedestrians
-  Protect sensitive personal data and inspire the creation of local digital content

Ten winning finalists will be selected to attend ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok, 19-22 November 2013. ITU Telecom World 2013 is the leading platform for debate, networking, innovation showcasing and knowledge-exchange for the global ICT community. Young Innovators' Competition finalists will take part in workshops, pitching sessions, mentoring and networking, in addition to receiving up to USD 10,000 prize money to further develop their project. Competition details are available here

For more information, please visit

'Opon Imo' flags off in Osogbo 

June 3, 2013 - A Centre equipped for a repository of educational information on a standalone, multimedia e-learning content platform that comes with pre-loaded applications for WAEC and JAMB approved text books was commissioned in Osogbo, Osun State today. It is named 'Opon Imo', yoruba for 'Tablet of Knowledge'

The Resource, according to Governor of Osun State, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, is an innovation of the State,  first if its kind in Nigeria, to equip senior secondary school students with requisite knowledge and make it easier for them to pass school leaving certificate examination. 

He said the project saves the State more than N8.4 billion of textbook procurement costs.


Micro-PHONE : A GSM phone in a credit-card sized package 

June 1, 2013 - Most phones these days are smartphones with loads of features. The question arises whether a phone that just does phone function can ever have a market again. Some guys think so and they have just come up with the micro-PHONE. 

Instead of focusing on apps and other advanced features, Micro-PHONE is focused on making a device that is small enough to carry anywhere, while still offering useful features such as a locator. 

Its focus is on its size which is just a little more than the credit card, but thicker. So it can go into a wallet. It then has a locator and is designed for the GSM SIM Card. It also comes with an adapter for those who use micro and nano SIM. 

The real joker may not be in the phone but in the locator which can make the phone's location known thus suitable for hanging in children bag, vehicles, or users that must be located at all times. 

Dave LeClair who profiled it for Gizmag says it may cost up to $80 ultimately when it comes into the market.


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House of Reps asks FG to suspend Internet Surveillance Contract 

May 30, 2013 - Nigerian legislators hold the view that the intention of Federal Government over the $40million Internet Surveillance contract awarded to Elbit of Israel violates the privacy of Nigerians and the matter has been referred to the House Committees for ICT, Human Rights and National Security for investigation.

Chairman House Committee on ICT, Mr. Ibrahim Gusau while moving a motion for the suspension of implementation of the contract said the motive for the contract which was 'secretly and discretely' awarded is in bad faith. He argued that the project would infringe on the privacy of Nigerians just as the so-called intelligence gathering, may not be the solution to the nation's security challenges. 

Mr. Gusau said the process by which the contract was warded also violates federal financial regulations relating to contract awards, as stipulated in the Fiscal Responsibility Act. 


Broadband Growth gets a Plan 

May 30, 2013 - A roadmap report and plan for the spread of broadband internet access in Nigeria was submitted in Abuja today to President Goodluck Jonathan. The study work was executed by Messrs Ernest Ndukwe, Jim Ovia and 15 other experts. It lays out a plan than can upgrade broadband internet access five-fold by 2018. 

President Jonathan pledged to ensure full implementation of the recommendations which includes the establishment of a Broadband Monitoring Council.

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Emerging Worries : The ruthlessness of IP Thieving 

May 30, 2013 - Intellectual Property (IP) fraud is not a new subject. It is the ubiquity of Internet Protocol (IP), a.k.a Internet, that has helped to magnify its offensive just the same way digital technology makes things happen fast and big. Whether it is in innovation, commercial or artistic, copyrights in music, videos or any original work or corporate data, IP Thieving is a growing concern and it costs businesses billions of dollars in environments where measurements are taken.  

IP thieving is however not only about petty stealing especially as nations are now accusing themselves of cyberattacks. The US has consistently accused China's People's Liberation Army as being involved in the massive cyberattacks against U.S. institutions and other organizations and it has been argued that corporations who work overseas are given subventions in return for doing some dastardly intelligence work for their home governments. 

Intellectual property theft is a serious crime which worries corporate organisations in developed economies. Recently, the IP Commission in USA made more than 20 recommendations, among which is that companies be allowed to lock files and cripple computers. But would that be all that is required? 

The solution could be two-fold: the technology answer and the economic answer. As usual, experts are arguing on each side of the divide but the truth really is that both solutions have to co-exist and cooperate. 

Some of the technologies include structuring files so they self-destruct when stolen, scripting code on steal-able data that could destroy the offender's systems and embedding a beacon on exfiltrated data to identify the hackers. 

On the economic front, laws are made smart enough to deal severely with established cases. But it does not end there. A few concerned institutions and experts are saying that the laws should allow a hack-back confrontation, meaning that companies should be allowed to take severe countermeasures against hackers. 

So far existing laws and IP protection provisions in international trade agreements have failed to address the issue. Using technology alone has also not recorded any significant success. 

A combination of strict, radical laws and use of technology may just be the answer for now.

Gmail's new window goes sorting 

May 30, 2013 - Yesterday, Gmail flagged off a brand new inbox on desktop and mobile that claims to give a new experience in easy organization. 

Itamar Gilad, Gmail's Product Manager put it this way :

'We get a lot of different types of email: messages from friends, social notifications, deals and offers, confirmations and receipts, and more. All of these emails can compete for our attention and make it harder to focus on the things we need to get done. Sometimes it feels like our inboxes are controlling us, rather than the other way around'.  

However, Gmail has only tried to sort messages into general categories rather than sort them into orders of importance or priority. 

Gmail says the new inbox is rolling out to users over the coming weeks and will be available in Gmail's Android and iOS apps.

France Telecom rebrands to Orange, July 1 

May 30, 2013 - The name, Orange, which France Telecom had used for its commercial operations has now been approved by the Shareholders as its brand name. It will take effect from July 1 2013.

 Chairman and CEO Stephane Richard told shareholders at the company's AGM last Tuesday that the name change did not bring any change to the status of its employees and it is a natural step in the process towards the simplification and unity of the group's activities. 

Its customers around the world already call France's incumbent telecom operator by its brand name Orange, and what happened on Tuesday was merely to make the name official.


Singapore whips online News Portals into line 

May 28, 2013 - Singapore's Media Development Authority MDA issued a notice today that online websites which report news about Singapore must come up for licensing  the same way newspapers and radio/TV stations are licensed and be ready to pay $50,000 as 'performance bond'. Take off date is June 1, 2013. 

The Government argues that all media must be held accountable for whatever they publish and licensing is one way of bringing all under control. 

Under the licensing framework, online news sites will be individually licensed if they (i) report an average of at least one article per week on Singapore's news and current affairs 1 over a period of two months, and (ii) are visited by at least 50,000 unique IP addresses from Singapore each month over a period of two months. 

Ranked as the most wired community on earth, Singapore is not known to have ever been media friendly and it bases its order and prosperity on such tight control over means of communication. 

MDA listed ten such sites that would come immediately for licensing under the new guideline. They include:,,,,,,,;; and

War field shifts to Taxes for the Tech Giants 

May 28, 2013 - Apple, Google, Microsoft, HP, Amazon and other US tech giants may now have a common enemy. For some, at home and for all, overseas. 

The European Union authorities are warming up to combing the books and to specifically scrutinize, in any manner, that those giants might either have avoided tax or played games with it.  EU is suggesting it looses over one trillion euros to tax evasion in the past year.

 At home in USA, Apple's CEO Tim Cook was a guest of Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations last week to attend to charges on tax avoidance. He seized the chance to argue for a review of corporate tax policies after saying his company has played fair and square. He offered no apologies for his firm's tax strategies. 

It is not that they do anything illegal. Those who complain say they exploit varying loopholes in tax laws to legally pay less. And that is making the EU brace up to calling for harmonization of taxes in member countries while legislators in US also say the government is being shortchanged. 

Ireland which has a favourable tax regime to boost employment at home may be at the centre of critical considerations when harmonization is put on the EU agenda. It may also be hit if the US officials do anything mindless. So it may just be at the middle of all the problems and it is expected to throw in an initiative before things start going haywire.


Launch of Study Report on 'Impact of the Internet in Africa'
scheduled for Abuja, June 3

May 27, 2013 - A report which describes the role of the Internet on the socio-economic development of Sub-Saharan Africa and its potential going forward will be launched in Abuja on Monday June 3, 2013. 

The report provides detailed assessments of the current and potential impact of the Internet on socio-economic growth across seven sectors: agriculture, education and labour, energy, financial inclusion, governance, health and small and medium enterprise (SME) growth in four countries (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal)  

The report admonishes Policymakers to work toward greater convergence across three spheres of policy that affect the Internet ecosystem: ICT policy, industry-specific policy and the broader set of policies related to doing business in a country. It argues that building a holistic approach to managing the Internet economy will require harmonisation and alignment across these three overlapping spheres. 

There will also be a panel discussion on 'Sustaining a safe and enabling online and mobile payments ecosystem in Nigeria' at the launch event. 

The Study was conducted by Dalberg with support from Google.

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FCC moderates definition and coverage of Connect America Fund

May 23, 2013 - US Federal Communications Commission, FCC announced on Wednesday that it is releasing a second tranche of monies in Phase I of its Connect America Fund investments to support rural fixed broadband build-outs in unserved areas. It is also expanding its definition of unserved area from those without dial-up speeds (768 downstream/200 Kbps upstream) to some areas lacking up to the FCC's definition of high-speed access (at least 3 Mbps downstream and 768 Mbps upstream).

The first phase of the fund is transitional support as the FCC moves from the old high-cost support mechanisms for price cap carriers to the Connect America Phase II mechanism, in which the FCC will offer $1.8 billion annually to subsidize broadband build-outs in price cap territories via a combination of cost modeling and competitive bidding. It is part of the FCC's larger reform of the Universal Service Fund.

Industry associations which have really never been impressed said America could do more, even better.

Broadcasting & Cable quoted Matt Polka, President of American Cable Association as saying "Last year's Phase I program was a blunt instrument, designed to jump start broadband in the most unserved areas but without determining the precise amount of funding needed to serve each eligible location. This shortcoming, while significant, could be tolerated because Phase I was portrayed as a one-time program with a limited budget. But now, with this new order, the FCC has given another year of life to this troubled program. The program's new version suffers from the same problem as last year's, but made worse in that it is now less focused on serving the most unserved areas and funded at a significantly higher level. The FCC should have struck a better deal for consumers and competitors."


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UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
re-plans 700MHz for Broadband

May 23, 2013 - The UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced on Wednesday it has a band plan for 700 MHz and announced the release of spectrum in the 800 MHz band for mobile broadband services. The TRA argues that allocating these bands to mobile broadband with the equivalent global device ecosystems will best serve the UAE public interest, driving down costs and minimising interference along borders. 

TRA says by combining the 800 MHz band plan for Europe, Middle East and Africa with the lower duplexer (2 X 30 MHz) - as a baseline - of the Asia Pacific (APT) 700 MHz band, UAE will be the first country in the ITU Region 1 to reap the benefits of both bands, which will support affordable network rollout, benefiting more of the population with mobile broadband connectivity. 

TRA believes that the UAE 700 MHz will bring Important benefit for the country of utilising the lower duplexer of the APT700 (2 X 30 MHz) as a base line with the possibility for additional 2 x 10 MHz for more spectral efficiency and for Public Protection and Disaster Relief applications. In addition, 5 MHz has also been considered for direct mode operation to cater for the same purpose.



Scholarship Announcement
Andrews Challenge for Student Scholarships

May 22, 2013 - NIGERIA'S foremost online scholarly competition - Andrews Challenge - has commenced Season 2 and this will last till June 17, 2013.  

According to Dr. O. S. Asaolu who is a co-founder of the initiative, Andrews Challenge is an online competition developed to reward students who are both smart and swift. He describes it as a web based e-learning and e-exams resource meant to refocus the youths from Internet vices unto academic gains.  

The mission is to award scholarship prizes to deserving Secondary and Tertiary students. The vision is to stimulate the reading culture, better educational performances and healthy academic rivalry across the nation. 

The website  has detailed information.

Inefficient Emergency Service Lines worry Nigerians  

May 17, 2013 - Stakeholders who attended the World Telecom and Information Society Day discussion forum in Lagos on May 17, 2013, expressed general disgust over the discordant tunes which the Nigerian communication system sings with regard to having functional emergency telephone service lines in Nigeria.  Although there were soothing messages from both the Nigerian Communications Commission and Federal Road Safety executives who made presentations at the event, it was clear there were major problems to solve. 

Mr. Tony Ojobo who read the Executive Vice Chairman’s speech at this year's edition of World Telecomm and Information Society Day forum told delegates that this is a nationwide system that would utilize a universal 112 Code for telephone users to each of all emergency service like Police, Fire Service, FRSC, ambulance services, among others. The Commission has undertaken the step of facilitating the existence of national emergency communications services and it is hoped that governments at various tiers would support this programme so that it comes to fruition in due course.

Several commentators expressed the opinion that access to emergency services using the telephone system is far below world standard. 

Mr. Titi Omo-Ettu who chaired the forum session said in a closing overview that the simplest way to put the issue is to accept that there are still problems and to aim at confronting the problems squarely.  

'We cannot have a system that does not work and pretend as if everything is normal', he said, and suggested that license obligations and prescribed telephone service standards be studied and seen to be complied with.


ATCON/AfriNIC Host Training/Workshop on IPV6

May 16, 2913 - The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), is in partnership with Africa Network Information Center (AfriNIC), organising an International Training/Workshop on IPv6 in Lagos from June 18 to June 21, 2013.  

Participation is targeted at Network Engineers in industry and in academics.  

The workshop aims to: 

  • Provide impetus for Nigerian Network operators to migrate from IPV4 to IPV6 with its attendant advantages
  • Provide qualitative training for those engineers that managed our networks which would help, as we  tackle the problem of quality of service  in the telecommunication industry
  • Provide Nigerian Network Engineers with the required knowledge to compete favourably with their counterpart in the global market.
  • Enhance, as well upgrade, the performance of our Network Engineers on network management with the ultimate goal of ensuring the sustainable growth of the Nigerian Telecom Industry.
  • Boost the productivity level of our network engineers.

Interests are to be expressed to


Main One Cable Company rebrands to Main One,

May 16, 2913 - Main One Cable Company is now Main One.

The rebranding marks the conclusion of the company's evolution from a submarine cable company to a full-fledged communications services provider, poised to play a greater role in providing a wide bouquet of data center and connectivity services across Africa.

With its repositioning, Main One is asserting its increased capability not only to provide wholesale capacity, and to offer a wider range of products and services to cater to the needs of its customers but also to stake its claim on its share of the sub-Saharan telecommunications market which is billed by analysts to grow at a 10% annual compounded rate to a size of $69b by 2016.

Already within three years of operation, the company has established a reputation as a preferred provider of wholesale capacity and Internet services to Service Providers and Enterprises in the region. In addition, the company has extended its reach of services both organically and through partnerships within Nigeria and Ghana into the neighboring West African countries of Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso. In addition, the company recently established an office to service Francophone West Africa in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


World Telecom Day Celebration, 2013
ISPON President to speak on 'Humanity and Mobility Systems

May 15, 2013 - President of Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) Mr. Chris Uwaje, who once said that technology and creative imagination are currently pushing the limits for innovative ideas to reality is expected to speak on the subject 'Humanity and Mobility Systems' at this year May 17, Telecom & Information Society Day in Lagos. 

An announcement from eWorld magazine which is partnering with NITDA and NCC to host this Year's event indicates that the Corps Marshal of Federal Road Safety Corps Mr. Osita Chidoka will speak on the subject while Dr Kunle Bello, a former Managing Director of the defunct MTEL will examine Road Safety in the Eyes of Today's ICT

The event will hold at Welcome Centre/Hotel, Airport Rd.; Ikeja, Lagos, on Friday May 17, 2013 at 10.00am. 

Imperative for a Truly Digital Citizen and ICTs and Improving Road Safety, is the primary focus of the World Telecom and information Society Day (WTISD) celebrations for this year. 


Blackberry Q5, Nokia Lumia 925 launched 

May 15, 2013 - BlackBerry unveiled its new Q5 smartphone in a quick step march toward a turnaround and shortly after the Z10. CEO Thornsten Heins says it is a new model that has expanded services. It comes in four colours and has a physical keyboard and targets emerging markets and especially young people. Hopefully it will go on sale in July but Heins did not mention for how much. 

And Nokia too comes up with Lumia 925. 

Lumia 925 is Nokia's latest addition to the smartphone range of products. It uses Microsoft's Windows Phone software and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hopes that with capacity to edit photos and come lighter that Lumia 920 it will turn things around.


Phase3 Telecom receives the International Arch of Europe Award 2013

May 15, 2013 - The 26th International Arch of Europe Convention Frankfurt 2013 is part of the annual program of Business Initiative Directions (BID) Awards, designed to recognize the prestige of outstanding companies, organizations, and businessmen in the business world. 

This year, the Awards were handed out at the ceremony in the InterContinental Frankfurt Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany to winner companies. 

Nigeria's Phase3 Telecom was one of the recipients of an acclaim for corporate responsibility and significant contribution to the business world. It received a trophy, a certificate and a statement of quality. 

Zeme Elaiho, Director of Strategy & Investment at Phase 3 Telecom said This International Arch of Europe Award has reinforced our resolute dedication to our vision and commercial guarantee to our clients and invaluable partnerships to always back up our brand promise with high quality service delivery.

According to Jose E. Prieto, originator of the BIDS Awards, the awards have been consolidated throughout the years and have witnessed great business achievements. He told the world class audience I have seen companies in the world grow in number, size and quality. I have had the opportunity to meet and speak personally with business leaders, scientists, politicians and marketing experts who have realized their ideas and made them into business success, achieving recognition by their peers. BID has positioned these entrepreneurs at the pinnacle of recognition with a quality award presented annually in Paris, Geneva, London, Frankfurt, New York, Moscow and Madrid.


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Yahoo buys Tumb1r for $1.1b 

May 20, 2013 - Yahoo has signed the deal to buy Tumb1r whose Board of Directors has accepted the $1.1b offer. 

An early Monday morning announcement from Yahoo said it would allow Tumb1r to run as a separate entity just as Tumb1r's CEO David Karp, 26, confirmed he would remain in his position without a change in his team. Karp however said he is elated to have the support of Yahoo and their team who share our dream to make the internet the ultimate creative canvas.

No doubt CEO Marissa Mayer, going by recent moves, must have aimed at moving yahoo away from adult patronage to younger adult customers. She is known to have recently offered another $30 million to a startup Company owned by a 17-year-old. 

Tumb1r was reported to have a hit of 117 million visitors in March 2013 alone. The Company was built in 2007 by David Karp himself after dropping out of school at 20.


EU shows resolve to investigate Chinese Telecom Suppliers
for charges of dumping and government subsidy

May 18, 2013 - The European Union has again indicated, last week, that it would be worried to find fact in the thinking that Chinese government is subsidizing Chinese firms in their trade dealings within the EU and also on charges of dumping which EU guidelines also frown at. Huawei Technologies (World's No 2) and ZTE (World's No 5) who are the major targets of such investigation have fired back denying such allegations and asking for fairness. The firms even warn against any protectionist or restrictive actions while the EU is arguing that cheap capital, if it is found true, creates a distorted playing field. 

EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said recently that it would first negotiate with Chinese government ahead of the investigation, adding that the investigation is coming ex-officio, meaning that it is being originated at the instance of the Commission and not based on a compliant from industry players. Industry watchers suggest that De Gucht be careful an investigation that does not receive Chinese government's cooperation may be very difficult to conclude. 

It is common knowledge that although there are loud murmurings among European vendors regarding unfair and anti competitive practices, none of them comes forward to file formal complaint. Some even say Ericsson, worlds No 1, has not been complaining.


A Chance to have a voice even in Mars 


NASA is inviting the public to submit haikus, poetic message, to be recorded on a DVD that will be carried by the unmanned MAVEN, Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch in November. 

People are asked to go online at the Going to Mars website and submit a personal message in the form of a haiku as part of the Going to Mars Campaign which is the initiative of University of Colorado at Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (CU/LASP). 

Submitters can print a certificate of appreciation from the Going to Mars campaign, and the DVD will include every name submitted. However, only three haikus will be selected to be sent to Mars. 

The MAVEN orbiter is the first spacecraft dedicated to exploring the upper atmosphere of Mars. Carrying an array of instruments, including a magnetometer, imaging ultraviolet spectrometer, and several for studying solar wind, its mission is to learn more about how Mars lost most of its atmosphere - especially carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and water - and to understand the history of water on Mars. Scientists hope that by doing so, it may be possible to better understand the Martian climate and whether the planet was ever habitable. 

The submissions deadline for the Going to Mars campaign is July 1, after which an online public vote, starting July 15, will select the top three haikus to be included on the DVD.



Have your stored your ICE in your mobile phones?
FRSC mounts campaign for use of ICE

Although nowhere has it been placed under direct regulation, the popular practice of storing the In Case of Emergency (ICE) telephone identity in the telephone directory of mobile phone users might not have been catching on in Nigeria. Federal Road safety officials are reported to be running a campaign on the need for all phone users to have an ICE telephone stored in their telephones. It is however not clear if the Road Safety Corps is presenting it as a new initiative or a resumption of a campaign that had been around for a while. 

A mobile phone user puts the telephone number of his next of kin (or whoever should be contacted in case of emergency) under the ICE identity so that in case of an accident, first responders, such as road safety operatives, paramedics, firefighters, police officers, or hospital personnel, can contact the ICE of the owner of a mobile phone to obtain important medical or support information. 

It was an idea that became popular in Britain and Australia in the mid 2000’s and it was meant to be an adopted practice across the globe. 

The major constraint to the use of ICE is when phone users also adopt the practice of locking their phones to prevent unauthorized entry. 

To solve this problem, some phone manufacturers have provided a mechanism to specify some text to be displayed while the mobile is in the locked state.

Brand New ICT Job for Nigeria's First Lady 

A Press Release posted at ITU's website announced on May 10 that the Secretary-General of International Telecommunication Union Dr Hamadoun I. Toure has appointed Mrs. Patience Faka Jonathan as ITU's Child Online Protection Champion. 

The Press Release says Director of ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau, Brahima Sanou, who delivered the letter of appointment, quoted Dr Toure as saying 'It is a great honour for ITU to have the support of Nigeria's First Lady. Her commitment is further confirmation of the key role that ITU is playing as a global catalyst and facilitator in international dialogue and cooperation in the area of cybersecurity'. 

Mrs. Jonathan is Nigeria's First Lady and Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa State Government. 



A Chance to have a voice even in Mars  

NASA is inviting the public to submit haikus, poetic message, to be recorded on a DVD that will be carried by the unmanned MAVEN, Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch in November. 

People are asked to go online at the Going to Mars website and submit a personal message in the form of a haiku as part of the Going to Mars Campaign which is the initiative of University of Colorado at Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (CU/LASP). 

Submitters can print a certificate of appreciation from the Going to Mars campaign, and the DVD will include every name submitted. However, only three haikus will be selected to be sent to Mars. 

The MAVEN orbiter is the first spacecraft dedicated to exploring the upper atmosphere of Mars. Carrying an array of instruments, including a magnetometer, imaging ultraviolet spectrometer, and several for studying solar wind, its mission is to learn more about how Mars lost most of its atmosphere - especially carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and water - and to understand the history of water on Mars. Scientists hope that by doing so, it may be possible to better understand the Martian climate and whether the planet was ever habitable. 

The submissions deadline for the Going to Mars campaign is July 1, after which an online public vote, starting July 15, will select the top three haikus to be included on the DVD.


YouTube commences paid subscription channels

Google, owners of YouTube, announced last Thursday that a subscription platform which allows select partners to charge little fees per month was now real. Minimum of $0.99 per month is prescribed among other prerequisites

Every channel has a 14-day free trial, and many offer discounted yearly rates.

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Facts File on
Wise Intelligence Technology System, WITS

  • Elbit Systems Ltd, an Israeli security systems manufacturer, put a press release on its website on April 24, 2013 that it was awarded a $40million contract to supply the Wise Intelligence Technology System, WITS to an unnamed African country.
  • Premium Times, a normally credible online news portal, reported on April 25, 2013, that the unnamed country is Nigeria.
  • Premium Times' report inferred that the intelligence system was capable of monitoring private citizens' e-transactions in what is an infringement on their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of holding and expressing opinion.
  • Various newspaper and online reports say the National Assembly is worried and discussing the subject
  • It is not known which aspect of the issues involved is the actual worry of the National Assembly.
  • Nigerian government has not formally responded to the spreading information regarding Nigeria being the unnamed country or if the contract is real
  • $40million translates to N6.4billion in Nigerian currency and it is big money.
  • The budget of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Communication Technology for 2013 is 3.59billion about half of what may have gone into the offending investment
  • Many believe it is only Nigeria that can venture such investment
  • Many Nigerians say they are worried that Government intends to invade their privacy
  • Some said if the unnamed Country in question is Nigeria, there would be nothing to worry about beyond the usual looting of the treasury as the whole matter would be a mere scam in which the Israelis' might either be selling a dummy to willing Nigerian officials in the name of unintended intelligence work or for mutual reward with those who might be pretending to be buying the stuff for any useful purpose.


Mobile Operators harvest a rash of fines
for contravening SIM Card Registration Guidelines

Nigeria's Telecom Regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commissions, announced midweek that it has imposed fines on all four mobile operators for contravening its guidelines on SIM Card registration.

  The Commission's Press Release specifically said the fines were imposed based on the number of fully activated new SIM Cards that were either reported to the Commission or purchased in compliance monitoring and enforcement exercises conducted by the Commission, and validated by the offending network. 

A fine of N200,000 was imposed for each of such pre-registered SIMs and the four operators got fines ranging from Etisalat (N5,000,000), Airtel (N8, 600, 000); Globacom (N11,000,000); to MTN (N29, 200,000).



Broadband Expansion Program Industry Handbook

The Nigerian Communication Technology Industry Handbook is now released for distribution.

It is available free of charge to all Players (Please click here for List) in the Communication Technology Industry.

Players are advised to collect copies (One copy per Player) at

ATCON Secretariat,
10, Mojidi St, Off Toyin St, Ikeja.

For courier delivery, please contact with request.

An eBook Version of the Handbook is available here

For enquiries, contact ;
0802 322 4572


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Mr. Uche  Onwudiwe, Chief Executive of Interconnect Clearing House explained the porting process on an ICT Television Program, NETWORKS, monitored in Lagos last Sunday  on  how  to  port  in  the Mobile Number Portability, MNP, scheme. Excerpts:

"Right now target time for porting is 48hours

This is the porting  process -

The  subscriber  goes  to  his/her  recipient  operator  and  makes  the  request  to  port  their  number /numbers over  to  the  recipient  network  device at  the  recipient  networks  office  or  store,

You  provide  the  port  request  form,

You  send  a text  to  3232 short  code [that  short  code  goes  across to  all networks] and  in  that  text  all  you  type  is  "port" [capital ,lower  case  it  doesn't  really  matter] to  3232  and  while  you  are  there  the  operator  is  to  give  you  a  new  SIM  card  which  you  would  insert  when  you  receive  an  SMS  from  us  at  a  later  period.

Once  you  send  the  SMS, it  is  sent  to  the  MNP  which  is  the  number  portability  clearing  house  which  is our  facility  here  in  Lagos, that  along  with  the  operators  port  request  form  is  validated  at  our  facilities  and  we  send  a  message  to  the  donor  operator.              

Now  the recipient  operator  is  the  new  operator  you  are  going  to; the  donor operator  is  the  operator  you  are  currently on

And so  once  that  is  sent  to  the  donor  operator they  review  it  and  unless  it  for  a  fraudulent port, they  are  supposed  to  allow  all  ports  to  go  through whether  you  owe  them  money  or  there  are  issues, they  would  still  work  with  you  to  deal  with  those  issues  but  once  the  process  has  started, they  would  enable  your  port  to  go  through.

Now  it  doesn't  mean  you  should  run  up  a  bill  and  leave  your  operator, they  can  still  follow  you,  so  please  don't  do  it.

Once  the  donor  operator  has  approved  the  port  request, it  gets  sent  back  to  us  and  we  would  send  it  to  the  recipient  network  to  let  them  know  that  the  port  has  been  approved.

At  this  point, the  recipient  network  starts  to  make  the  configuration  on  their  system or on  their  platform  prior  to  the  change.

Once  this  changes  are  made  on  the  recipient  network, we  send  the  broadcast  out  to  everybody  else  to  all  other  operators  because  you  are  moving  from  operator  "a"  to  operator  "b"  so  operator  "c"  and  "d"  don't  know  what's  going  on  until  we  send  them  a  "broadcast.'

So  at  this  point, we  send  a  broadcast  to  everybody  informing  them  the  porting  process  for  this  phone  number  has  been  successful, please  re-rout  all  your  calls  for  this  number  to  this  other  network. (remember  we  used  to  have  number  range  where  you  know  that 080x belongs to operator A ,080y belongs to operator B and so on and so forth. But now, the operators have to make a change in their networks to be able to route your calls to where it is going".

Regulation as Issue in IP Networks and the Future of Convergence

Titi Omo-Ettu

The simplest thing to do with IP resources when it grows convergence will be to enjoy its benefits, but the key to enjoying such benefits and paradoxically the greatest challenge is proper regulation. Thank God, we did not start early.  

Look at it this way: You built a network, complete with fibre and you projected into the long future of say 20 years and then seal up all entrance to the fibre to protect it, but six years down the road, you find your capacity is so low due to the pace of technological advancement and you now have to re-visit your fibre provision to accommodate expansion purposes.  

But, for a deep wallet, AT&T, the actual subject matter in the above scenario, might have gone stressed.  

The moral of this debacle is that in the provision of infrastructure, the  challenge really would not be for those who build the networks nor those who use the services, but for those who make the laws regarding what we do and what we do not.   

If there ever was a case for robust regulation, there it is - IP resources, the future of Regulation.  

The next generation of mobile broadband offers us unrestricted Internet, optimized infrastructure, ubiquitous access and increased opportunity. All of us will want space on the web so we can have a voice, blogs, news, etc. IPTV will make heavy demand on ubiquitous broadband presence. 

This means anytime, anywhere access to high-bandwidth applications, content and communication - excellent for faster e-mails, larger files, and faster web access for that secure daily transaction that often hits network congestion. Then enter, Multimedia services. 

The technology underpinning the next generation mobile broadband, LTE (for "Long Term Evolution") represents a step up from today's High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) networks and consequently the next generation global standard for most mobile operators because it will be at the heart of applications and services - whether personal video conferencing, video calling or new and video apps which will define the businesses of the future. 

The possibilities are indeed limitless. Newspapers as we know them today, will change irrevocably. They will never die, but will be a diminished force in the dissemination of information and, therefore, will have to re-visit their mode of operation, if they are to remain for profit. 

Challenge of Regulation

Here development of spectrum management skills tops the list. Determining when to legislate comes next and convincing the legislature if and when necessary, to tamper with the law, is another. 

The realization that new technologies dictate modern business which cannot run as it has been the tradition.  

Lessons and Opportunities  

We are lucky in these parts because we have the failures of the advanced economies to learn from so we avoid the same pitfalls. But do we really? 

Imagine if the call in 2002 for Telephone Subscriber Registration, TSR, had been heeded when at that time we had South Africa to learn from and from where we took the lesson.  To imagine that we are now fighting to implement SIM card registration, which is infinitely inferior to Telephone Subscriber Registration and for which we are likely to end up in some halfway house between what we had and what we need.   

A change of business models is suggested if businesses will remain and thrive and regulation may be a major factor. 

(Excepted from a December 16, 2010 Lecture titled Pathway to Connecting the Last Man presented by Titi Omo-Ettu, as Distinguished Electrical and Electronic Engineers Annual Lecture of the Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, NIEEE).


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Please come let's visit the Galaxy S4


Although the Galaxy S4 is 116% as heavy as the iPhone5 but since the S4 is much bigger than Apple's handset, the relative weight of Samsung's phone makes it feel light. On a technical level, we're talking of 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) spread out over 5 inches. 

A friend who was given an S4 as promotional gift recently told all those who cared to listen he now has 'something great, big, and fine. It even feels great holding this stuff'. 

You hold some phones and you feel you are carrying AK47. But the Galaxy S4 doesn't. It comes down to thickness, weight, and build. The S4 is light, thin, and made of plastic, not glass that tends to make phones feel heavy. 

A recent Gizmag analyst wrote 'Here at Gizmag - and elsewhere in internet-land - you'll see experts and amateurs alike nitpicking over minor differences between the displays of high-end smartphones. But I'm here to tell you that no matter how good the screen in any other smartphone is, it doesn't matter. You won't be disappointed with the Galaxy S4's screen. I promise. It's outstanding, and I don't have a single complaint about it'. 

A US-based user said the Galaxy S4 is as fast as you would possibly need a phone to be. Point is: This is the fastest phone I've ever used. When we talk about fast smartphones, we often say that apps open instantly. This time instantly is taken to another level. Press the icon, and - bam - you're in your browser, email, or whatever. 

What about you, how do you feel?

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REVEALED: Nigeria's National Broadband Plan

The key policy thrust of the Nigerian Government are integrative reformation, enhancement of infrastructure growth as well as stimulation of the culture of ICT adoption and usage in both public and private sector. The policy views the ICT sector holistically and prescribes three government organs to handle each of Policy Administration, Regulation, and Development

This is one of the issues contained in a document edited and produced as a working Broadband Expansion Program handbook which was unveiled by the Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson in Lagos recently.  

According to the Minister, 'At the onset of the ICT Policy harmonization, we considered the merits and demerits of having a separate National Broadband Policy but decided against this option, noting that countries that developed National Broadband Plans were those who already had current and subsisting ICT Policies before the rise of broadband as an imperative for ICTs in the last ten years. Therefore we chose instead to have our broadband policy prescriptions included in the National ICT Policy and to then later expand on those policy prescriptions in a National Broadband Plan'. 

The National ICT Policy acknowledges that Broadband is an enabler of economic and social growth in the Nigerian economy and therefore sets broadband as the new target for Universal ICT Service Provision.  

There are two broadband policy objectives as follows: To accelerate the penetration of affordable broadband Internet in the country, and to foster broadband usage for national development. And the strategies through which we will achieve these objectives are as follows:  

Government shall: 

  • Provide periodic review of the broadband penetration targets in order to determine further action for broadband expansion
  • Promote both supply- and demand-side polices that create incentives for broadband backbone and access network deployment,
  • Facilitate broadband development and deployment, leveraging on existing universal service frameworks;
  • Provide special incentives to operators to encourage them to increase their investment in broadband rollout
  • Promote e-Government and other e-services that would foster broadband usages.

After the approval of the ICT Policy, His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan set up the Committee on the National Broadband Strategy and Roadmap that was charged with the responsibility to chart solid action plans and strategies for achieving ubiquitous and universal broadband infrastructure, services and usage in Nigeria for national development and benefit.  

It is expected that the broadband policy and the soon to be completed broadband strategy and roadmap will expand the rhetoric and conversations about broadband to include not just building adequate broadband infrastructure but promoting the utilisation of this infrastructure to deliver on the oft quoted 1.38% increase in GDP that a 10% increase in broadband penetration has been proven to deliver.


NiRA  set to Look up

President of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association, NiRA, Mrs. Mary Uduma, told the Association's General meeting on Tuesday that NiRA's affairs have seen a boost in recent time. Apart from its recognition as a strategic stakeholder in the Communication Technology industry, Mrs. Uduma also listed its participation in various industry committee works and the fact of its books being healthy.

Elections were held and new persons came into some executive positions.

Water !!!

About 90% of heart attacks occur early in the morning and it can be minimized if one takes a glass or two of water before retiring in the evening. 

I know water is important but I never knew about the special times to drink it. Did you? 

Drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the human body:

1 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs;

1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal -helps digestion;

1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure;

1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack.



We stand for
A Free and Open Internet

We support transparent and participatory processes for making Internet policy and the establishment of five basic principles:

Don't censor the Internet.
Promote universal access to fast and affordable networks.
Keep the Internet an open network where everyone is free to connect, communicate, write, read, watch, speak, listen, learn, create and innovate.
Protect the freedom to innovate and create without permission. Don't block new technologies, and don't punish innovators for their users' actions.
Protect privacy and defend everyone's ability to control how their data and devices are used.



To be a responsive world class communications regulatory organization

To support a market driven communications industry and promote universal access





For Phase3 Telecom, the ease in user experience in all facets of telecommunications has always been the objective and goal in our service delivery; it drives our commitment to the customer and the industry. We also believe this must be of paramount importance to our clients - the GSM operators, large ISPs, and multinational companies. Our business uses a proliferation of technologies in providing innovative solutions to our clients.

Every day, we nurture and sustain an intellectual product that has become of great characteristic importance in day-to-day life, engagement and the pursuit of the new age of man. And for ten years, our team of dedicated and innovative young men and women has on a daily basis, given 100% to the deployment of quality and consistently evolving broadband delivery and connectivity solutions. We are not unmindful and do not take for granted the honor that we have been blessed with today.

This International Arch of Europe Award has reinforced our resolute dedication to our vision and commercial guarantee to our clients and invaluable partnerships to always back up our brand promise with high quality service delivery





Within three years of operation, our company has established a reputation as a preferred provider of wholesale capacity and Internet services to Service Providers and Enterprises in the region. In addition, the company has extended its reach of services both organically and through partnerships within Nigeria and Ghana into the neighboring West African countries of Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso. In addition, the company recently established an office to service Francophone West Africa in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Our customers stand to benefit from our increasing portfolio of services that will enable businesses in West Africa to participate meaningfully in the global digital economy. This innovative bouquet of products and services includes a Metro Ethernet network offering with over 200 kilometers of fiber optic access within business districts in Lagos, a brand new 2.5MW, 600 Rack Data center currently construction for completion by Q2 2014, and partnerships and new points of presence to serve major cities of Abuja and Port Harcourt.




To maintain ICT professionalism in deploying our products and services with focus on excellence, integrity and affordability." Therefore, KITS TECHNOLOGIES plans to position itself as a center for international and local contacts, for project development & implementation as well as center for transfer of knowledge, experience and expertise.




Telecom Consulting
Capacity development
IP Empowerment
Summits/Conferences Management
Youth Empowerment




Capacity Development





To provide a structured
and organised approach
to career education,
guidance and support



A services single window portal where you can get all the information on all government to citizens, government to business and government to foreign national services in Nigeria.




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