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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg
and the Power of Numbers

August 26, 2013 - Some guys might have started calling Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg several names. Latest information reveals that one Indian blogger has matter-of-factly said Mark is a braggart while another analyst in California has described him as 'a dreamer' or simply as a noise maker for boasting about his ambition to network the world's 5 billion inhabitants. The Independent reported yesterday that one commentator called the initiative "a canny business move dressed up to sound like charity".

Of course Mark Zuckerberg, 29, might have talked in superlatives. But the bottom line is that he understands the power of numbers and if you review the disparity of numbers across the world on internet access and its growth, you will find merit in his ambition and why it is do-able

While explaining his mission, Mark said 'The goal of is apparently to make web access available to the two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected'. The man who has also published a research paper entitled 'Is Connectivity a Human Right' went on "Connecting the world is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. There are huge barriers in developing countries to connecting and joining the knowledge economy. brings together a global partnership that will work to overcome these challenges, including making internet access available to those who cannot currently afford it." 

A similarly strange call was made in
Pathway to connecting the Last Man
( ) paragraph 17 where the author says Let's Democratize Technology. There (in 2010) the author was actually arguing the obvious that there is business to do in giving access to everybody (the Last Man) and that it is do-able. 

To start with, the technology companies Mark Zuckerberg has been able to draw into his project are not pushovers of this world and none of them would have acquiesced without getting the firm backing of their shareholders. Shareholders, believe it, are not patriots, neither do they believe in NGO's. But when NGO's can make the difference in the bottom line they dash for it. 

The entire strategy is there in one of the focal points of the project namely Making Access Affordable: which expands into 'Partners will collaborate to develop and adopt technologies that make mobile connectivity more affordable and decrease the cost of delivering data to people worldwide. Potential projects include collaborations to develop lower-cost, higher-quality smartphones and partnerships to more broadly deploy internet access in underserved communities. Mobile operators will play a central role in this effort by driving initiatives that benefit the entire ecosystem'. 

Like him or hate him, Mark Zuckerberg has said nothing that nobody has ever said. All that he is saying is that the world has numbers and that numbers matter. To me what excites me is that it is coming from a young man of 29 who has done what nobody has ever done. 

Let's inter-connect all citizens of the world and see how good the world is to live in. 

The Above opinion was made for CyberschuulNews by Titi Omo-Ettu

Communication Technology Council
charts a plan for accelerated, wholesale ICT Empowerment

August 24, 2013 - The National Council on Communication Technology, NCCT, rose from its 2nd meeting in Akure on Friday with a resolve that State Governments adopt the approved National Policy on Information and Communication Technology and to develop ICT policies that are aligned to the policy. 

It also admonishes all state governments to establish Ministries of Communication Technology and to switch over to the high level domain as they maintain secured presence in the Cyberspace with a target implementation date of 18th August, 2014. 

It also recommended that all State Governments and the FCT promote the Students PC Ownership Programme scheme in all State tertiary institutions through the Vice Chancellors and School administrations and recommend the use of locally assembled PCs in all State Government offices to further develop local ICT industry. 

The Council is an initiative of the Federal Government established to facilitate inter-governmental consultations on ICT matters in order to avoid unnecessary disparities in ICT policies in Nigeria. It has two tiers; the Ministerial Meeting which is normally attended by Commissioners in charge of ICT matters in the states as advised by their Permanent Secretaries and the Officials Meeting attended by Permanent Secretaries or Senior Officials in charge of ICT matters in all the Governments  with Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Communication Technology as Chairman.     The Council acts as a consultative body for the Governments of the Federation in matters pertaining to ICTs with a view to achieving some degree of uniformity in the ICT sector. 

Chairman of the Council, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, Federal Minister of Communication Technology, told members in an opening speech that states have several opportunities to latch on to in the National Policy as well as in the on going implementation of the National Broadband Plan.  

She recognised that 5 states, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Ekiti, Osun and Ondo are already taking important steps in leveraging ICT for social and economic development and invited all other states to initiate institutional developments that can rapidly spread the opportunities of ICT across the country.

She apprised the Council with the progress made in the Communication Technology industry in the past twelve years. The sector, she said, has remained the fastest growing sector of the Nigerian economy  for 5 years, currently contributing 8.53% to GDP, with teledensity of 80.85%, 22.7%  of population subscribed to Internet and 4,644 public access points to the internet. stands out to be counted
as 6 tech companies float internet
for ALL initiative

August 21, 2013 - Seven Technology Companies Ericsson, Facebook, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung have launched a project which they plan to use in connecting two thirds of the world that world's access data show are not connected to the internet at this time. 

They call the project and a website is routing in that name. 

Other initiatives which are known for similar objective are promoted by Microsoft and Google using different methods but equally huge investments. 

Part of the promotional materials is using on its website includes: 'No one should have to choose between access to the internet and food or medicine. partners will join forces to develop technology that decreases the cost of delivering data to people worldwide, and helps expand internet access in underserved communities.' 

It also says 'Transmitting data, even a text message or a simple web page, requires bandwidth, something that's scarce in many parts of the world. Partners will invest in tools and software to improve data compression capabilities and make data networks and services run more efficiently'. 

In a way, these are platforms by which all those participating companies will get their products and services to everywhere in the world. The focus of the new plan will be on lowering cost of access through projects such as low-cost smartphones and working with mobile operators to deploy Internet connectivity in under-served communities. 

According to Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, initiator of the project, "Facebook has already invested more than $1 billion to connect people in the developing world over the past few years, and we plan to do more." 


U-Turn - AT&T now accepts $100m
of the Connect America Fund

August 21, 2013 - AT&T has now told FCC it would accept $100m of the Regulator's support funding for rural broadband under the Connect America Fund Phase 1 to provide thousands of American's businesses and homes with broadband internet access. About 129,000 locations that do not currently have access to at least a 768/200 Kbps connection at this time will benefit from the single action. 

This is considered a good development for America and perhaps for AT & T. Those who saw it coming would express no surprise at the development. 

The story is actually a long one within a short time. 

In April 2012, the Federal Communications Commission launched a new 'Connect America Fund' (CAF), which was created as part of what the Commission called 'once-in-a-generation reform of the Universal Service Fund (USF)'. It resulted from a unanimous decision of the Commission to reform and modernise USF to help connect every American to high-speed Internet by the end of the decade, just as the Fund did for telephone service in the 20th century.  

$300m was put out in the Phase 1 of the Fund and Carriers had 90 days to accept the funding, under specified conditions.  

Predictably, Carriers shrugged at the Initiative and reactions varied from one carrier to the other with the big ones out rightly turning blind eye to the support. 

AT&T in particular declined the CAF support that was available to it, on the argument that it was yet uncertain about its own strategy for rural areas, as well as uncertainty about some of the obligations associated with acceptance of the CAF money. 

Verizon also declined while others like CenturyLink appreciated the Federal Communications Commission's reconsideration of some important aspects of its U service Fund transformation order. It took $54m after some alignment of the FCC rules.

There had been several tweaking and tampering with the original rules by FCC to ensure delivery and the situation might have got to where AT&T was able to say yesterday via Hank Hultquist, its Vice President (Regulatory), that 'the uncertainty has been resolved such that acceptance of this funding, and the associated obligations, now makes sense for AT&T'.


United Nations to light-up
ISPON's National Software Conference 2013

August 20, 2013 - There is very high prospect that the forthcoming National Software Conference scheduled for October 22 - 23, 2013 in TINAPA Calabar will improve the global ICT rating of Nigeria with attendant benefit to its Foreign Direct Investment potential.

An array of international scholars and consultants are already assembled to discuss Emeritus Prof Tapio Varis' keynote on "SORWORK - Software Strategies for Retooling the Workforce".

Prof Tapio Varis is the UN Chair on e-Learning. He is also acting president, UNESCO - our Global University System, Board Member of the Center for Media & Peace Initiatives in New York, and Board member of UNESCO Institute for the Information Technologies in Education, IITE. The Professor is known to have confirmed to Mr. Chris Uwaje, President ISPON, that the Conference theme is strongly favoured by all the international bodies he is associated with and it will receive a preview at the Board meeting of IITE in Moscow on September 12-15, 2013.

The high-grade faculty of eminent discussants of Prof Tapio Varis' keynote includes Engr. Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, Prof. Pat Utomi, Hon. Amb. Nkoyo Toyo, Engr. Alfred Okoigun, Mrs. Barbara James, Prof. Charles Ayo, and Prof. Musbau Akanji.

Information from ISPON Secretariat is that a confirmed list of delegates will include International/ECOWAS ICT Experts, Nigerian ICT Professionals/Engineers, Hot-Head Coders/Software-Developers, Government Policy makers from Federal and State MDAs, Lecturers and Researchers, Venture Capitalists, Students of tertiary institutions, ICT Journalists and other stakeholders.

There is also the Broadband Pavilion which ISPON says is aimed at

- Championing Broadband Advocacy: Creating the critical mass of Broadband awareness to the rural areas of Nigeria, where about 72% of the population are resident.

- Improving Infrastructure: Rapidly improve the deployment of national ICT infrastructure and Increase the Broadband penetration for universal access.

- Boosting GDP: Accelerate economic productivity and improve the national GDP index

Last Mile: Accelerate Last mile connectivity in rural Nigeria

- Attracting Investment: Attracting new international investment in FDI to the ICT Sector, and

- Promoting Local Content: Promoting Local Content to enhance global competitiveness.



High speed connections coming
for flights, voyages and train travels  

August 20, 2013 - There has been significant progress in earth-based transmitters, allowing antennae attached to fast-moving vehicles to track the movement of orbiting satellites and thus send and receive data more efficiently. 

UK Regulator OfCom is reported to be making plans for aircrafts, trains and sea vessels to take advantage of advanced satellite communication via the Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms - ESOMPs, which it says are the future of providing broadband services. 

The Regulator says three parts of the radio spectrum would soon become available for use on tracking orbiting satellites to offer send and receive data more efficiently.


MTN fires another Senior Executive 

August 19, 2013 - One month after the exit of Nazir Patel who had to be fired for finance related issues, another one, Mr. Robert Madzonga, chief corporate services officer of MTN in SA has been suspended for reasons which MTN says are 'internal matters' but which is publicly known to be related to irregular payment involving R12.2m ($1.2m). 

The story commenced mid 2012 when MTN's senior legal adviser Violet Magagane became suspicious of an invoice from a law firm, Nozuko Nxusani for work allegedly done. She discussed the matter with higher officials and it lead to her being retrenched for making the exposure. She went to court to challenge her sack. 

For over one year, Sunday Times in South Africa has been on top of the story which is rooted in squabbles for power and position within the firm. It is not known if MTN reached its conclusion to suspend Madzonga after extensive investigation but it is clear the firm has told him to stay off work for now. 

Robert Madzonga, is obviously fighting it out as he is reported to have regarded the charges as improperly made up. He practiced law before coming into the telecom industry. Prior to joining MTN, Robert Madzonga was with Chamber of Mines (Rand Mutual Assurance), Edward Nathan & Friedland Inc, Basil Read Construction, Standard Bank and Telkom. He holds a variety of post-graduate degrees from UCT and Wits University. He is not expected to go down without a fight.


NEWS short takes 

 August 15, 2013 -

Cisco to dump 4,000 jobs 

August 15, 2013 - Cisco says it will cut 5% of its work force amounting to 4000 in 2014 in spite of its doing well financially. The Company's CEO John Chambers said it is not about doing well in the books but being where it ants to be. 

Smart phone grows,
feature phones decline – Gartner

August 15, 2013 - Gartner Inc says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 3.6 Percent in Second Quarter of 2013. Smartphone sales to end users reached 225 million units, up 46.5 percent from the second quarter of 2012. Sales of feature phones to end users totaled 210 million units and declined 21 percent year-over-year. Samsung is world's No 1. 

Ask Google, and ye shall get info 

August 15, 2013 - Google has rolled out voice-activated services for which it can supply personal information regarding flights, reservations, purchases plans and photos. 

Google's Product Manager, Roy Livne, said midweek 'we've been offering this kind of info-flights, reservations, appointments and more-for more than a year in Google Now. We've gotten great feedback on how convenient it is, especially when you're on the go. Now that it's in Google Search, you can get it anytime you need it'. Limited to US users for now though.

'No Privacy guaranteed' - Google

Google has said in a privacy US court filing that "Just as a sender of a letter to a business colleague cannot be surprised that the recipient's assistant opens the letter, people who use web-based email today cannot be surprised if their emails are processed by the recipient's [email provider] in the course of delivery. 'Indeed, a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over to third parties".

For the Record

August 15, 2013

Google says: 

Many of us think of the Internet as a global community. But two-thirds of the world's population does not yet have Internet access. Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after disasters. 


Project Loon balloons float in the stratosphere, twice as high as airplanes and the weather. They are carried around the Earth by winds and they can be steered by rising or descending to an altitude with winds moving in the desired direction. People connect to the balloon network using a special Internet antenna attached to their building. The signal bounces from balloon to balloon, then to the global Internet back on Earth. 

"The purpose of these flights is to allow us to research various approaches for improving the technology, like the power systems (solar panel orientation and batteries), envelope design, and radio configuration," 

The balloon effort is in its very early days. 


"When you're dying of malaria, I suppose you'll look up and see that balloon, and I'm not sure how it'll help you. When a kid gets diarrhea, no, there's no website that relieves that, Certainly I'm a huge believer in the digital revolution. And connecting up primary-health-care centers, connecting up schools, those are good things. But no, those are not, for the really low-income countries, unless you directly say we're going to do something about malaria."

Jean Kimayala now Chairman Airtel in DRC 

August 115, 2013 - Bharti Airtel, world's No 4 mobile services provider in terms of customer base, with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, has announced the appointment of Mr. Jean Pierre Kiwakana Kimayala as Board Chairman for Airtel's operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mr. Tiemoko Coulibaly, Airtel's CEO for the Francophone region in Africa who made the announcement said: 'The appointment of this highly experienced executive reinforces our commitment to our operations in the DRC. Airtel has invested heavily in the country in order to connect more people and to empower them socially and economically'.

New IPad expected Sept 10 

August 14, 22013 - Apple will unveil new iPad models, including one with a thinner design and an iPad mini with a high-resolution screen, on September 10.

For many years, Apple has launched new products in autumn. There will also be upgrades of the software for mobile devices.

It is speculated that a 'budget iPhone' alongside a brand new iPhone to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 may also be in the deal

....And windows 8.1 too for Oct 17

Microsoft's senior marketing communications manager, Brandon LeBlanc, has also announced today, in a mark-your-calendar tweet that Windows 8.1 will begin rolling out worldwide on 17 October as a free update for users running Windows 8. It will also hit retail outlets and be available on new device hardware at the same time.

Windows 8.1 will also be available at retail and on new devices starting on October 18th by market

.'We spook only nano-fraction of web data' - NSA 

August 13, 2013 - The US National Security Adviser may have decided to tell the world his mission had been totally misunderstood. Even when he made a public appearance on the controversial PRISM project. he looked more like 'its your right and turn to talk. Please do it'. 

Now he claims its agents only saw 0.00004 percent of the world's web traffic while conducting their PRISM missions. 

The agency made the claim in a report entitled The National Security Agency: Missions, Authorities, Oversight and Partnerships, and said in an emphasized banner: "According to figures published by a major tech provider, the internet carries 1,826 Petabytes of information per day. In its foreign intelligence mission, NSA touches about 1.6 percent of that. However, of the 1.6 percent of data, only 0.025 percent is actually selected for review. "The effect is that NSA analysts look at 0.00004 percent of the world's traffic in conducting their mission - that's less than one part in a million. Put another way, if a standard basketball court represented the global communications environment, NSA's total collection would be represented by an area smaller than a dime on that basketball court." 

The 7 page report of August 9, 2013 did not explain away that the entire mission was misrepresented when technology companies initially denied involvement, an issue that actually made the normally secret business of national security become and issue of unusual public interest. 

Last Friday, President Obama pledged that he would take steps to inject more oversight and transparency into the NSA and yesterday the President announced the creation of the oversight panel. 

Meanwhile an email firm Lavabit LLC has shut down its business saying it has been 'forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit.'

Blackberry may go on Sale 

August 13, 2013 - Strong indication that Blackberry make give itself up for sale was almost confirmed yesterday when the firm announced that it had set up a Committee of 5 to be chaired by Timothy Dattels to consider the move. 

The Committee is to explore strategic alternatives to enhance value and increase scale in order to accelerate BlackBerry 10 deployment.  These alternatives could include, among others, possible joint ventures, strategic partnerships or alliances, a sale of the Company or other possible transactions. 

With the announcement of the Special Committee, Prem Watsa, Chairman and CEO of Fairfax Financial informed the Company that he felt it was appropriate to resign due to potential conflicts that may arise during the process.  Fairfax Financial is the largest BlackBerry shareholder. Mr. Watsa said, "I continue to be a strong supporter of the Company, the Board and Management as they move forward during this process, and Fairfax Financial has no current intention of selling its shares." 

Blackberry, formerly RIM (Research in Motion), has not been able to drive back into shape even after the launch of its Z10, Q10 brands and a new operating systems on which it pitched its hope of returning to reckoning.

Yesterday's announcement also added that 'there can be no assurance that this exploration process will result in any transaction. The Company does not currently intend to disclose further developments with respect to this process, unless and until its Board of Directors approves a specific transaction or otherwise concludes the review of strategic alternatives.'

Phase 3 Telecom plans $68m injection
into rural and regional broadband expansion

August 12, 2013 - Phase3 Telecom's 4,500km of trans-Nigeria fibre network is to see major expansion further into Nigeria's rural communities and also to Ghana and Senegal to complete the West Africa's IP backbone.

Its Director of engineering, Mr Ajibade Momolosho said in Abuja last week that an investment plan for $68m in the next three years is about to commence. He pointed to the effort of the Ministry of Communication Technology which is working to reduce the prohibitive cost of Right of Way as a stimulant to investment and an opportunity to contribute to economic development.


Obama talks low
as push comes to shove on Surveillance

August 10, 2013 - President Obama found his words carefully as he addressed security matters yesterday with the media and ended up pledging to check abuses in transparency of surveillance programs.  Apparently he does not see why government should have interest in spying on ordinary Americans. 

The good thing about how the President and his security top men have approached the PRISM issue had been that they did not come out to deny anything but rather make arguments for how to work around it. Observers think that is honest enough to open up a basis for constructive engagement on the subject. 

Things 'can and must be more transparent' said Mr. Obama. "Given the history of abuse by governments, it's right to ask questions about surveillance, particularly as technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives," 

Although the President confirmed he has confidence in the Program, he agreed that it was not enough for him to have confidence, 'the American people also must have confidence in it'. 

It was suggested to Mr. Obama that ex-NSA contractor staff Edward Snowden could after all be seen as a patriot for his revelations considering the President's stand but he snapped 'No I don't think Mr. Snowden was a patriot' 

Edward Snowden got asylum in Russia last week and America is reacting badly to it. 

The Patriot Act, within which what is now known as PRISM is embedded was crafted after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was initiated as a terrorism-fighting tool to prevent a similar attack from ever happening again. It has worked quietly until leaks came by Edward Snowden's revelations and the media took a meat of it. It was first denied by Technology firms that surveillance on all users of their system was in place only for them to recall such denials by saying all surveillance cooperation with the National Security Adviser was judicially authorized.

Faster Internet on 4G will soon become commonplace in UK as Vodafone announces 4G launch date 

August 9, 2013 - Vodafone has announced that it will launch its 4G service on August 29 to customers in London and in 12 other cities by the end of the year. 

It matches O2, which launched last week, on lowest tariff of 26 pounds per month.

Three will come up by end of the year while Everything Everywhere which pioneered 4G launched at 21 pounds minimum price. 

Offers are coming with various salads of bundled services. 

Vodafone said in a midweek release that '4G is a big deal. It's the new generation of mobile network. Vodafone 4G will give you ultra-fast speeds when you're out and about, whether you're browsing the internet, streaming videos, or sending emails. It also means faster downloads on the go.' And to wet the appetite to its established customers who must be waiting for the day, Vodafone says if you've got an iPhone 5 or Samsung GALAXY S III or GALAXY Note II, Simply take it into a store , 'even if you're still in contract, we'll knock off 70% of your remaining contract charges. So you can upgrade your phone early and start a fresh 4G contract.'

Yahoo! to change Logo,  

August 8, 2013 - It is a predictable ultimate going by the various innovations that Marissa Mayer brought into her job in the past year. It's been at some dizzying speed come to think of it. 

This morning, yahoo announced it would change its logo come September 4, 2013.

According to Chief Marketing office, Kathy Savitt 'Over the past year, there's been a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo!, and we want everything we do to reflect this spirit of innovation. While the company is rapidly evolving, our logo - the essence of our brand - should too.' 

'The new logo will be a modern redesign that's more reflective of our reimagined design and new experiences. To get everyone warmed up, we are kicking off 30 days of change. Beginning now, we will display a variation of the logo on our homepage and throughout our network in the U.S. for the next month. It's our way of having some fun while honoring the legacy of our present logo' 

'We also want to preserve the character that is unique to Yahoo! - fun, vibrant, and welcoming - so we'll be keeping the color purple, our iconic exclamation point and of course the famous yodel. After all, some things never go out of style'.

200 LTE networks launched in 76 countries 

August 7, 2013 - GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association, said in a Press Release today that 200 LTE networks in 76 countries were commercially launched by 31 July 2013. 

146 commercial LTE networks were in service at the end of 2012 and additional 54 operators have launched LTE service in the first 7 months of 2013 with a 112% annual growth is recorded in the past 2 months.  

LTE is a mainstream mobile broadband technology and is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever. LTE service has been introduced to 12 new markets so far this year: They include Chile, Iceland, Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Qatar, Spain, Thailand, US Virgin Islands, and Venezuela.

Little addition to  what the GSA said on July 21, 2013.

ISPON-IDEA chase Hackathon Record AT TINAPA

August 6, 201 3 - 26 Nigeria Youth Software Developers made up of under-and-post graduate students gathered in TINAPA, Calabar last week to set a new record in accelerated knowledge development - shooting at innovation and creativity in conformity with International standard.

The Software Hackathon event was the pre-stage activity set to create awareness for the Commissioning of the Knowledge incubator project promoted by the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology and the National Information technology Development Agency (NITDA).

The Information Technology Development Entrepreneur Accelerator (iDEA) is a non-government organization established to establish and promote knowledge Incubation in the country. While the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) is an Information Technology Professional Group established about 14 years ago to foster and promote National Software Development policy and the drive the advocacy of Software Development and entrepreneur capacity building in the Nigerian ICT Ecosystem.

This ISPON/iDEA Hackathon in Tinapa was a Corporate Technology event. It was held as an idea hunt competition to help bridge the innovation gap that exists between Nigerian Software Developers and their Institutions. We have learnt that idea competitions can be a first step towards more comprehensive innovation processes. The aim and the design principles of the innovation competitions is principally to encourage young Software Developers to participate in an open innovation process, to trigger off their potential and inspire their creativity with the aim of increasing their quality of their works.

LE-MEDIA from Team 2 made up of Aboluwarin Olaoluwa David , Banjo Mofesola Paul and Oladapo Oluwadara Glory won the first prize of N450,000 with 3 Nokia Lumia Phones.
EDUCARE from Team 5 made up of Kester Uwaje and Tiamiyu Mubarak, won the Second Prize of N250,000 and two Nokia Lumia phones.
HEALTHLAUNCH PAD from Team 8 made up of Mark Olofu and Temitope Oguntade won the third price of N150,000.
KEEP NIGERIA ALIVE from Team 6 made up of Junior Pius Ekeh and Eyinka Iheanyi won the 4th position and was rewarded with a BlackBerry Z10 Phone.
ME-EXPLORER from Team 3 made up of Okwu Marcus Eke, Anyadike Iheanyi and John Nnanna Oji won the 5th Position and was rewarded with a BlackBerry Z10 Phone.

The Cross River State Governor motivated the participants (both winners and losers) to gear up for the National Software Competition - organized by ISPON and scheduled for 22-23 October in Tinapa Knowledge City, Calabar, Cross River State, where Professor. Tapio Varis the UN Chair of e-Learning is billed to deliver the Keynote. The Minister of Communication Technology was represented by Dr. Ashiru Daura - the Acting Director General of NITDA . Chris Uwaje - the President of ISPON was the Lead Resource for the Hackathon.

NCC, Lagos State, parley on
Infrastructure, Broadband, Regulation

August 5, 201 3 - In an apparent foreplay to the implementation of the National Broadband Plan, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Dr Eugene Juwah, must have began the necessary trouble shooting of the essential problem areas which if not addressed might make the plan  difficult to realise. 

He was, along with two other Commissioners, guest of Mr. Babatunde Fashola, Governor of Lagos State two weeks ago to apprise the Lagos Government on areas of collaboration between the desire to have world class telecom services and governments being part of the reapers of the fortunes of ICT development. 

The parley recognised that the all important matter of Right of way charges and delays are being discussed at the National Economic Council to which all Governors belong. Juwah asked for Fashola's support all through. 

"We are already aware that you are involved with other governors in the National Economic Council in discussing and finding solutions to the issue of RoW in the country as currently being championed by Vice President Namadi Sambo. We urge you to continue to support these patriotic efforts so that the objectives of providing easy passage for telecommunications infrastructure, to accelerate and encourage more investments in the country, are realized". 

Dr Juwah also acquainted the Governor with the level of Nigeria's infrastructure deficit with reference to the paucity of masts and towers in Nigeria with less than 25,000 base stations compared with a country like UK with  up to 65,000 base stations adding that a 2009 survey by the NCC showed that out of a total of 6, 196 masts and towers in Lagos, 48 per cent belonged to corporate bodies and individuals, 25 per cent belonged to telecom operators, 18% to banks, 8% to unidentified owners and 2% to the broadcast industry. He said 'even if the number of base stations owned by operators, which was 2, 975 then, had increased by 100%, it would still have fallen short of what is needed to serve Lagos subscribers alone', 

He also talked about vandalisation, emergency communication centres, double and inequitable taxation, and the need to support the Commission in pursuit of the critical infrastructure bill at the National Assembly especially as Lagos is mostly affected in any of these vandalisation incidents. 

Mr. Fashola agreed largely with his visitor but not on all the issues. While agreeing that the Broadband plan has been well thought out, the Governor snapped "You will regulate the allocation of frequencies, you will regulate bandwidths and so many other things but you cannot regulate where the towers and mast are positioned, you need me as indeed you need all of my colleagues to determine where the right of way will be and under what conditions and this was the point that we took" 

He disagreed with the use of the term multiple taxation as a proper way to describe levies being imposed on operators for services rendered to them at state levels as the operators' licenses for operation does not foreclose payment for the land and other associated fees. 

The two teams exchanged pleasantries and gifts and ended the meeting on an understanding that all Nigerians would make positive input into the works of broadband expansion in the country. 

It was very clear that Mr. Fashola has a good grasp of the issues involved and he was going to moderate his operatives where there might have been problems to resolve especially as it was clear that the infrastructure  regulation is targeted only at telecommunication operators and the associated charges are higher than what can be considered to be reasonable.

Yahoo's 21st acquisition, Rockmelt,
upgrades mobile and social media browsing 

August 3, 2013 - Yahoo acquired Rockmelt during the week in a manner slightly different from previous buy-overs. Here, only some of Rockmelt's executives are moving to Yahoo under the deal while two of its top guys, CEO Eric Vishria, will become Vice President of products for Yahoo's media properties and CTO Tim Howes, will become Vice President of engineering for Yahoo's mobile products. 

RockMelt's Web browser, is a 2010 product with social media appeals and enables users to share content over Twitter and Facebook. The product will be shut down end of August while Yahoo incorporates the technology into its media platform to deliver content in new ways. 

On its website, Rockmelt said on Friday 'We're excited to tell you that Rockmelt has been acquired by Yahoo!. Yahoo! and Rockmelt share a common goal: To help people discover the best content from around the web. In our short four and a half years at Rockmelt, we've learned a lot about how you like to browse the web, discover content, and share the great stuff you've found. You've been right by our sides as we've celebrated successes, endured failures, and invented new ways of doing things.  You've taught us a ton. And we plan to put everything we've learned to work at Yahoo!.' 


Coffee will mate with internet
as Starbucks partners Google on WiFi

July 31, 2013 - Google says it is teaming up with Starbucks to bring faster, free WiFi connections to all 7,000 company-operated Starbucks stores in the United States over the next 18 months. That is to say whichever neigbhourhood Starbucks WiFi network goes Google, locals will be able to surf the web at speeds up to 10x faster than before.

This is another Google's investment that makes Internet access speedier, more affordable, and more widely available. The free Internet connection at Starbucks has become an important part of many communities over the years, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, or for students without Internet at home who do their homework at Starbucks.  

According to Kevin Lo, General Manager, Google Access 'we'll start rolling out the new networks this August. If you're in a Google Fiber city, we're hoping to get you a connection that's up to 100x faster'. 


Prof David Adewumi is new President of NCS 

July 28, 2013 - A new President was elected by the Nigeria Computer Society at its 11th Annual Conference held in Iloko-Ijesa. He is Prof David Adewumi Dean, College of Information and Communications Technology at Bells University, Ota. He succeeds Mr. Demola Aladekomo. 

The new President said he would build on the standard already set by his predecessor and ensure adherence to the core values of the Association. 

He heads an executive committee which also includes Prof Adesola Aderounmu (Deputy President); Dr. Adesina Sodiya (Education & Manpower Development); Mrs. V. O. Owolabi (Credentials); Mr. Moses Braimah (Conferences); Dr. Virginia Ejiofor (Publications, Standards & Research); Mr. Abimbola Olayinka (Ethics & Discipline); Mr. Jide Awe (Publicity, Events & Trade services), and 7 other officials.


ISPON/iDea to mount Hackathon in TINAPA

July 28, 2013 - Inspired by the fact that software is a true 21st Century magic and indeed, that "we now live in a Software-First World", and also challenged to be at the cutting edge of global IT success, iDEA and the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) have concluded arrangements to stage a World Class Software Hackathon holding at the Tinapa Knowledge City, Calabar, Cross River State from 31st July to 1st August2013. Hackathon means and is a knowledge event 'to innovate and create something NEW'. 

The event aims to correct the misconception of 'what a Hacker is and what it is not' and propagate the core values embedded in the concept and passion of technology innovation and creative thinking, through the Hackathon platform.  

According to Kevin McArthur, Herb Lainchbury and Donna Horn (Open Data Hackathon Guide) - The Jargon File. Hacker is a Noun and means. "A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and stretching their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary."

The word "Hackathon" comes from combining the words 'Hack' and 'Marathon', and implies a long sprint to create something useful in a single event. 

Furthermore, the Hacker Ethic originates from the early days of the computer revolution. Indeed, to call someone a "Hacker" is viewed as a compliment.  The Hacker Ethic centers around the principle that information should be free [as in speech], and that people should have the freedom to repurpose everyday devices in new and unexpected ways. 

Hacks are novel creations or solutions to problems and the purpose of a Hackathon is to create them.  Hacks are not always elegant, and may sometimes be little more than prototypes, but they can be transformative and expose new ways of solving problems or analyzing data. 

Why the iDEEA/ISPON Hackathon? The ultimate objective is to expose Nigerian Software Startup Developers to experience a superlative software coding baptism incorporating entrepreneural business model with impact to leapfrog them into the next level of global development. The event is designed to inspire and add tremendous value to youthful Software Developers and equip them with 21st Century new skills.   

While iDEA is the Chief Promoter of the Hackathon, ISPON will facilitate and provide Professioinal Technical support for the Event. 

The facilities for the Hackathon are ready and judging criteria will address three significant Domains such as Business Model; Planning and Execution. This event will instill Team Work Development based on sustainable business plan - which is designed to attract Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors who have an eye for the winning business of the near future. 

 According to Chris Uwaje - President ISPON, the Hackathon is coming on the background that the Hon. Minister of Communication Technology. - Mrs. Omobola Johnson - has worked tirelessly to establish a Technology Knowledge Incubator in Tinapa and tasked iDEA to ensure that the facility is operational within the shortest possible time. ISPON supports the Minister's Incubator Project and therefore committed to ensuring its success.  

Above all, this is imperative, especially when the initiative is viewed against the backdrop that HE. Senator Liyel Imoke - the Governor of Cross River State - has for many years endorsed and supported the National Software Competition organised by ISPON for the Tertiary Institution - aimed at discovering and building Code Warriors and Startups. 


Minister of Power promises improved Electricity 

July 28, 2013 - Federal Minister of Power, Prof Chinedu Nebo, told Nigerians, Sunday afternoon, to 'expect marked improvement, stabilisation of the national power grid, additional power', and to 'prepare to junk their generators by 2015'. 

Mr. Nebo fielded questions from journalists on an AIT Sunday afternoon program - 90 Minutes. He however did not support the expressed high hopes with any new or convincing information beyond what he repeatedly called 'President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's commitment to providing improved power for the country'. 

The Minister said although Kainji Power Plant is being overhauled, Shiroro is doing fine and Afam 1, 2, 3, and 4 are together supplying only 65 Megawatts from an installed capacity of 700 Megawatts. 

He was pressed for more reliable facts and figures to justify his forecast and he put all hopes in the 'upcoming and uploading of NIPP Projects'. 

A journalist who picked on Corruption and Gas as issues that the Minister should specifically discuss was told that 'although corruption is the bane of the Nigerian society; President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is fighting it' just as the issue of gas supply would be solved because 'the Minister of Petroleum is addressing the problem of gas'. 

He also praised 'President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for doing the best thing to have revamped the Rural Electrification Programme'. 

How do you want Nigerians to Trust you Hon Minister? He responded by sermonizing on how Nigeria will be a wonderful place if power supply improves across the country and concluded 'Some people already have 22 hours of power daily in some parts of Abuja while in Lagos some people also have 18 hours, although some have 8 also'. 

One of the phone-in participants of the TV interview commended the Minister for a good work he has been doing because in her area 'there has been power all the time' in recent times.

Cyber-security Bill is still in the works 

July 27, 2013 - Three actions and pronouncements of senior government officials in recent time point to the direction in which cyber security apparatus of government is going.  

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Dr Eugene Juwah, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ITU last Monday to set up a Regional Cybersecurity Centre in Nigeria. The Regional Centre will facilitate collaboration on combating cyber threats at the regional and national levels and develop strategies for protecting children online. 

Minister of Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson said in Geneva at the Inauguration of Mrs. Patience Jonathan as ITU's Child Online Protection Champion that Nigeria is already doing 'a number of things' to protect the safety of children online but the investiture of the First Lady would add more impetus to the delivery and success of the initiatives. 

The Minister also told a Conference of the Nigeria Computer Society in Iloko-Ijesa, Osun State that the Cybercrime bill being prepared for submission to the National Assembly by the Ministry of Justice has a clause that will enable the President to designate key ICT resources as Critical National Information Infrastructure and punish cyber offences. 

A cybercrime Bill has been in the draft for as long as online offences had attracted the attention of concerned experts and users of the internet. 


We are reforming the IT sector,
 CommTech Minister tells IT Techies

July 26, 2013 - The Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, told an audience of predominantly IT professionals in Iloko-Ijesa, Osun State yesterday that the focus of her Ministry's solution is to build a resilient ICT infrastructure to which Nigerians have affordable access and to increase the participation of local firms in the sector, increasing the supply of local skills while Government uses ICT to improve transparency, efficiency, and productivity in governance and citizen engagement. 

This is against the backdrop of the desire to lift the industry from being a sector with tremendous opportunity for growth and job creation which is being hampered and constrained by significant fragmentation of the local industry resulting in a predominance of small firms with little market share.  

It is also a market known for dominance of multinationals in almost every sector, a largely undeveloped software industry, a hardware industry that has struggled to grow and prosper and a poor supply of skills and talent to the industry. 

She said Government is already developing a robust, secure and shared IT infrastructure managed by Galaxy Backbone and two specific platforms: Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) and the Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System (IPPIS), are already delivering handsomely. 

Besides, an ICT cadre has been established allowing for the development of high skills and a Council of ICT heads has been created to ensure synergy and collaboration across Ministries. 

She invited members of the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) an indeed the private sector as implementing partners as Government works to create an enabling environment for efficient, secure ICT services that will benefit Nigeria. 


House of Reps' Electronic Voting system fails again 

July 25, 2013 - The process of voting and collation of the House of Representatives voting exercise for a clause-by-clause review of parts of the Constitution resorted to manual process on Wednesday as the electronic system failed irretrievably. The electronic voting system installed in the House of Representatives had been faulty and Government owned Satellite Company, NigComSat Ltd, was reported to have offered to provide an alternative electronic platform. 

The NigComSat version also failed to fly and the computer tablets which were distributed to all members of the House in anticipation of using the electronic system turned out useless. 

Mr. Ahmed Rufai, Managing Director of NigComSat, was monitored on Television early Thursday morning confirming that his team was unable to operate the system and he told Nigerians 'I apologise to the leadership and members of the House of Representatives and indeed all Nigerians for this failure for which I bear responsibility. I am very sorry indeed but I meant well'. 

It is unclear how the mandate of NigComSat included the provision of electronic voting system which the Company is known to have been floating for a while.

Google introduces Chromecast
 - an online 'cast' tool

July 24. 2013 - Google said this morning that its new device called Chromecast will be on sale on some US shelves on July 28.  Chromecast is a small and affordable ($35) device that you simply plug in to your high-definition (HD) TV and it allows you to use your phone, tablet or laptop to 'cast' online content to your TV screen. It works with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Music, with more apps like Pandora coming soon.  

Google says it wants to create an easy solution that works for everyone, for every TV in the house. 

Once your Chromecast is set up, you can use your phone, tablet or laptop to browse and cast content to your TV, play and pause, control the volume, and more. But unlike other streaming solutions, you can still multitask-send emails or surf the web-while enjoying what's on the TV screen. It works across platforms-Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Chrome for Mac and Windows (more to come), so your personal device is also now your remote control

MTN Group appoints Mike Ikpoki as CEO for Nigeria 

July 24, 2013 - Mr. Michael Ikpoki, currently Chief Executive of MTN in Ghana has been named the new Chief Executive Officer in Nigeria. He replaces Mr. Brett Goschen who is said to have been posted to South Africa to replace Mr. Nazir Patel the Chief Finance Officer that resigned abruptly last week. Nazir's exit apparently triggered a total shuffle at top posts in the MTN Group.

Mr. Ikpoki joined MTN from the Nigerian Communications Commission in 2001 as Advisor and rose to the headship of Regulatory affairs and later of sales in Northern Nigeria before moving to Ghana in 2011 as Country Head and CEO. 

Suave, responsive, and highly cerebral, Mr. Mike Ikpoki is, according to many industry players in Nigeria and  Ghana, a very good material that came from Nigeria and made it to the top post in Nigeria. Arguably the highest a Nigerian has ever attained in the Continent's largest mobile operator.


South Africa Computer Society Changes Name 

Jyly 23, 2013 - Computer professionals in South Africa yesterday changed the name of their Association from Computer Society of SA to Institute of Information Technology Professionals SA (IITPSA). 

President Rabelani Dagada said the institute was transforming from being a society to being ultimately a statutory body. According to him, the philosophy was that the body is no longer a club serving its members, but a respected professional group serving its community. 

President Rabelani Dagada told CyberschuulNews exclusively that IITPSA has been recognized as an Information Technology (IT) professional body by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and it is the only professional organization in the IT sector to receive this kind of recognition in the country.   

'As part of this our professional grade and designation "PMCSSA" has been registered by SAQA.  This grade and designation recognise the existence of a Professional IT Practitioner in the same way that other professions recognise their professionals (e.g. Pr.Eng for a Professional Engineer).  In terms of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), the PMCSSA is pitched at a minimum of SFIA level 5, and recognized practitioners need to have the requisite qualifications / skills / experience / competence to meet the minimum criteria set for the grade and designation.  Now that our name has changed, our professional grade and designation will change to "PMIITPSA". 

He went further although 'we are not yet a statutory body, but we are working towards this.  So far we have had some tentative discussions with the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications, the Honorable Eric Kholwane, regarding the possibility of IITPSA being a statutory body.  We believe this can happen within the next four years.'

Apple acquires HopStop to improve map services 

July 23. 2013 - HopStop a public transport navigation app developer company, which describes itself as an appmaker that gets users door-to-door transit, walking, biking, and taxi directions in over 300 cities worldwide has been acquired by Apple Inc. for an undisclosed amount. 

It came shortly an earlier announcement that Apple had bought Toronto based Locationary Inc., another startup focused on map technology. 

Apple which ran into problems with its maps upon launch last year must have been searching to improve technology for its map services. There were reports that HopStop had two million monthly active users in recent time. 

Nigerian social media sources claim that ownership of the New York based HopStop is related to a Nigerian.

Apple shuts down site after attack 

July 22, 2013 - Apple announced yesterday (Sunday) afternoon that its Developer site was attached and it has, as a result, brought down the site. The announcement said sensitive information which was taken was encrypted but it had to shut the site down to work on more security for it. 

Part of the statement reads 'Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed, however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers' names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took the site down immediately on Thursday and have been working around the clock since then.' 

The announcement did not explain why it took so long from Thursday to Sunday to issue a statement. The site was however already up as at the time of filing this report.


July 22, 2013 - The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria, ISPON, and Telecom Answers Associates, Managers of the Broadband Expansion Program, BbExPro, have reached an arrangement to mount a Broadband Pavilion during the forthcoming ISPON Annual Conference and Competition holding in TINAPA Calabar on October 22 - 23, 2013. 

Messrs Chris Uwaje and Titi Omo-Ettu, joint architects of the Pavilion said in a midweek announcement that the aim of the project is to continuously engage the challenges of the broadband revolution and to explore the opportunity windows to benefit the underserved and un-served citizenry.  

According to the announcement, championing the Broadband Advocacy at that level and working to improve Infrastructure, accelerate last mile connectivity in rural Nigeria and ultimately boost the country's GDP.

LTE is fast coming upstream, says GSA
6 African countries have made commercial launches so far

July 21, 2013 - Alan Hadden, President of the GSA, Global mobile Suppliers Association, said recently that LTE is an industry success. 'We have raised our market outlook in view of the quickening pace of commitments and deployments. GSA forecasts there will be 260 commercially launched networks in 93 countries by end 2013.' 

The latest update of the Evolution to LTE report from GSA claims 194 operators have commercially launched LTE services in 75 countries worldwide. 6 of them are in Africa - Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Mauritius, Tanzania and Uganda.

443 operators in 130 countries are now investing in LTE, encompassing 391 firm network commitments (including networks which have launched, or are being deployed or planned) plus a further 52 operators engaged in LTE technology trials, tests or studies. 

The majority of operators have deployed the FDD mode of the LTE standard. The most widely used band continues to be 1800 MHz (band 3) which is used in over 43% of commercially launched LTE networks. The next most popular contiguous bands are 2.6 GHz (band 7) used in 34% of networks, followed by 800 MHz band 20 (11%), and AWS band 4 (almost 9%). 

LTE, for Long-Term Evolution, marketed as 4G LTE, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.

It is mainstream and the fastest developing mobile system technology ever. 107 LTE networks launched commercial service in the past year. The number of countries with commercial LTE services expanded 70% in the same period. All claims courtesy GSA. 

Edo State hosts Edo Technology Day 

July 20, 2013 - Edo State Government has announced it would hold its annual Edo Technology Day on September 12- 13, 2013. 

The Edo Technology Day is a forum organized yearly by the Edo State Government to provide a premium stakeholder platform that brings together policy makers, industry players, technology experts, innovators and investors to share ideas and experiences.  It also serves as a forum for exploring opportunities and strategies for the utilization of technology and charting the way forward on how best to mainstream technology in governance and its development processes. 

The theme of this year's event is Fostering Governance with Technology 

A keynote will be delivered by Mrs. Omobola Johnson, Hon Minister of Communication Technology and the event will be chaired by Mr. Hakeem Belo-Osagie, Chairman of Etisalat.



We stand for
A Free and Open Internet

We support transparent and participatory processes for making Internet policy and the establishment of five basic principles:

Don't censor the Internet.
Promote universal access to fast and affordable networks.
Keep the Internet an open network where everyone is free to connect, communicate, write, read, watch, speak, listen, learn, create and innovate.
Protect the freedom to innovate and create without permission. Don't block new technologies, and don't punish innovators for their users' actions.
Protect privacy and defend everyone's ability to control how their data and devices are used.



To be a responsive world class communications regulatory organization

To support a market driven communications industry and promote universal access





For Phase3 Telecom, the ease in user experience in all facets of telecommunications has always been the objective and goal in our service delivery; it drives our commitment to the customer and the industry. We also believe this must be of paramount importance to our clients - the GSM operators, large ISPs, and multinational companies. Our business uses a proliferation of technologies in providing innovative solutions to our clients.

Every day, we nurture and sustain an intellectual product that has become of great characteristic importance in day-to-day life, engagement and the pursuit of the new age of man. And for ten years, our team of dedicated and innovative young men and women has on a daily basis, given 100% to the deployment of quality and consistently evolving broadband delivery and connectivity solutions. We are not unmindful and do not take for granted the honor that we have been blessed with today.

This International Arch of Europe Award has reinforced our resolute dedication to our vision and commercial guarantee to our clients and invaluable partnerships to always back up our brand promise with high quality service delivery





Within three years of operation, our company has established a reputation as a preferred provider of wholesale capacity and Internet services to Service Providers and Enterprises in the region. In addition, the company has extended its reach of services both organically and through partnerships within Nigeria and Ghana into the neighboring West African countries of Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso. In addition, the company recently established an office to service Francophone West Africa in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Our customers stand to benefit from our increasing portfolio of services that will enable businesses in West Africa to participate meaningfully in the global digital economy. This innovative bouquet of products and services includes a Metro Ethernet network offering with over 200 kilometers of fiber optic access within business districts in Lagos, a brand new 2.5MW, 600 Rack Data center currently construction for completion by Q2 2014, and partnerships and new points of presence to serve major cities of Abuja and Port Harcourt.




To maintain ICT professionalism in deploying our products and services with focus on excellence, integrity and affordability." Therefore, KITS TECHNOLOGIES plans to position itself as a center for international and local contacts, for project development & implementation as well as center for transfer of knowledge, experience and expertise.




Telecom Consulting
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Capacity Development





To provide a structured
and organised approach
to career education,
guidance and support



A services single window portal where you can get all the information on all government to citizens, government to business and government to foreign national services in Nigeria.




Phase3 Telecom has partnered with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on the implementation of her Intelcom II Program aimed at providing telecommunication infrastructure to ensure interconnection of ECOWAS member states.

In this regard, ECOWAS has been providing the needed support to facilitate the granting of rights of way to Phase3 Telecom from relevant power authorities across the region in addition to securing required permits to operate in each of the member countries. The West African Regulatory Assembly (WATRA) has also facilitated relationships with various regulatory agencies towards procurement of appropriate permits for our operations.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is currently collaborating with Phase3 Telecom and has endorsed and recommended the project to financial institutions for consideration. The Phase3 Telecom project is considered one of the major ways by which the Connect Africa initiatives of the ITU can be realized.

Our project is in total agreement with the goal formulated at the Connect Africa Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda in October 2007, one of which was "to interconnect all African Capitals and major cities with ICT broadband infrastructure and strengthen connectivity to the rest of the world by 2012". The ITU has therefore been providing avenues for the promotion of the Phase3 Telecom project and creating the necessary awareness on the progress that is being made in its implementation.



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