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Courses listed below are now available
for corporate subscription on purpose-built

  Competence level Training Course duration  
  Advanced Database Management Systems 2 Weeks  
  Advanced Records and Information Management 2 Weeks  
  Agile Software Development and UML 2 Weeks  
  Cloud Computing 2 Weeks  
  Computer & Network Technology 2 Weeks  
  Computer Networks 2 Weeks  
  Developing Java Web Applications 2 Weeks  
  Distributed and Parallel Systems 2 Weeks  
  Enterprise Java with Spring and Hibernate 2 Weeks  
  Java Best Practices and Design Patterns 2 Weeks  
  Java Programming Comprehensive Introduction 2 Weeks  
  Management Information Systems 2 Weeks  
  SQL and OO Query Language 2 Weeks  
  Principles of Internet Technologies 2 Weeks  
  Service-Oriented Architecture 2 Weeks  
  Software Development 2 Weeks  
  Systems Design Methods 2 Weeks  
  Web engineering 2 Weeks  
  XML Introduction

2 Weeks



Purpose-built Training

Base Station Planning, Installation & Mtce
(BSIM) Modules


  • Base Station Architecture
  • Broadband Networks: (ISDN, SDH, xDSL, Cable, Frame Relay, ATM)
  • Elements of Telecom Operations Support Systems (OSS)
  • Fundamentals of PDH
  • Introduction to SDH
  • IP Networks
  • Key Optical Transmission Performance Parameters
  • Logistics Management
  • Long Term Evolution
  • Mobile System Standards (From 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, LTE)
  • Network Operations and Management
    TMN FCAPS, TMF TOM, service level management, provisioning, SNMP, CORBA, OSS/J )
  • Optical Networking
  • Power System Management
  • Report Documentation and Maintenance Management
  • Telecom Network Optimization
  • Transmission Media Options (Cu, MW, Vsat, Fibre)



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