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Industry Study-Reports/Conference Hosting

Title of ProjectYear of Execution
Study on Investment Opportunities in the Nigerian Telecom Sector1994
Study into Cellular Mobile Telecommunications Market in Nigeria1995
Study into Value-Added Network Services & VAS in Nigeria1996
Study into Investment opportunities and technology options for rural telecommunications in Nigeria 1997
Internet Service Provision: Trends and Status Evaluation2000
Institutional realignment of NITEL Training Centre, Oshodi, to a National Institute for Telecommunications 2004
Industry Consultation Study on Policy framework for Applications of VoIP2004
Appraisal and study into the NITEL Training Centre, Kano, with a view to converting into an ICT Institute 2005
Audit/verification of the operations of Internet Service Providers in Nigeria2006
Telecom Industry Remuneration Profile in Nigeria's Telecom Industry2008
Survey & Identification of Masts & Towers in Lagos State2008
Co-locationForum 2009 - Conference & Industry Plan of Action2009
WiMAXForum 2010 - Conference & Industry Plan of Action2010
Broadband Investment Summit 2012 - An ATCON/BusinessWorld/TAA Event2011
Nigeria's Broadband Expansion Program 20132013
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